Wish List’s For YOU! And some Punch Art too…

I have to admit that if you read through my post yesterday and wondered if I was on something… no, sadly I wrote it in between bouts of dozing off… I was EXTREMELY exhausted when I wrote yesterday’s post and it came through, I hope you heard the sarcasm in it, LOL!!  I have to admit that while I am writing this I am dozing off, I had a WONDERFUL night with my amazing stampers in my Simple Stamping Class and it was such fun and I always have a great laugh!!  
Ok, my post was supposed to be quick and dirty today as I REALLY need to get some Zzzzzz’z!
BUT, before I head off to dream land I wanted to be sure that I shared with you this years WISH LIST FORM!! If you don’t know what this is- check it,
You FILL OUT this Wish List, then submit it to me (via email, snail mail) and then I will email your friends and family and let them know what it is that you want for Christmas!!  All my REGULAR stampers REALLY need to fill this out, as some of you already have SECRET SANTA’S waiting to find out what you want… I don’t know what to tell them if I don’t have YOUR list!
Here is what the form looks like:
You can DOWNLOAD YOUR WISH LIST HERE, and then get it to me (email or snail mail) and I will get busy filling your stocking!!!  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime!
Before I leave you today I wanted to share with you the BLOSSOM PETAL PUNCH art piece I made with a little help from a fellow stamping friend, Nicole C.!!  We were talking about how challenging it has been for me to come up with cute projects for this months punch (since last month with the Owl Punch was SOOOO easy for me!!) and she came up with a suggestion for a project…
Now I just have to say that I didn’t have time to carete an actual card for this just yet, which would have made it even cuter- but it was a great idea!  And later this month you will see this idea surface again but on a card, as that would really do this justice, but here was her suggestion:
Seriously, why couldn’t I think of that?? Cause I have a severe case of CRS, but the diagnosis is technically CTOS (Can’t Think Of S@$!)
I think that if I embossed the vase and used different flowers and of course put it on a card it would be SOOOO much cuter, but it is already almost midnight and I am just toooo tired to do all that tonight.  So be looking for another version of this later this month.  BUT she also suggested that I put it out there, to offer YOU my FAB stampers and loyal readers- share with me your AWESOME punch art ideas using this BLOSSOM PETALS PUNCH!!! I would love to share them with the rest of my readers!  EMAIL ME your ideas, projects, suggestions- I will take it ALL!!
So get busy with those punches and ideas, and DON’T FORGET to DOWNLOAD YOUR WISH LIST TODAY!!  Christmas is JUST around the corner!!

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