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Good Morning Stampers!  I have had many of my NEWEST Hand Stamped Style stampers ask me recently, “Why do I need to SUBSCRIBE to Facebook, your Blog, YouTube, and join your mailing list?” Well I thought I would take a minuet to explain the difference and how it makes your life easier.
I tell stampers that if you like to be IN THE KNOW of when my classes are, what specials are going on and and getting helpful creative and organizational articles in your INBOX then you will want to join my mailing list.  I make it EASY to register for classes by sending email reminders for upcoming events and I include on-line registration links as well to help save you time and money.  AND since I am sending it to you that is one less thing you “really” have to remember- no messing with remembering to check my blog or class calendar to get that registration in.  I also send out EXCLUSIVE offers for various things to ONLY my mailing list members.  I offer exclusive tutorials, newsletters, and freebies to ONLY my mailing list members!  HOW DO I JOIN? It’s easy, simply fill in the form located in that large blue button on the top left of this blog- PLUS when you join your get a FREE PROJECT TUTORIAL!
***You will NOT get the same info on my blog as you get by being on my mailing list***
If you are anything like me you have a TON of things you WANT to do but very little time in which to do them.  So how do you fix that problem, well you make certain things as easy as possible.  How much time do you waste floating from site to site only to find that your favorite blogs haven’t updated or posted new projects or articles… frustrating AND what a time waste, right?  Well, when you SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG you don’t have to take the time to surf the web to see if there has been a new update- when you SUBSCRIBE, MY BLOG POSTS are AUTOMATICALLY sent to your INBOX!!  You simply check out my post in your inbox like any other email.  You will also see WAY more tips, hints, and project inspiration on my blog then anywhere else!
HOW DO I SUBSCRIBE to the HSS BLOG? You look for the subscription form you see below- it’s located just UNDER my EMAIL ERIN button in my left sidebar.
I tell my stampers that the BIG benefit to subscribing to the HAND STAMPED STYLE CHANNEL is that AGAIN it saves you time!  When I upload a video to my channel, you automatically get the video sent to your inbox!  No checking in or searching… the work is done for you- you simply hang on to that email until you are ready to watch the video.  I am getting ready to do something that I never thought that I would do- I am getting ready to post ALL of my MONDAY MISH-MASH videos onto my YouTube channel.  Why?  Well, I want to refer back to many of them and unfortunately I can’t always locate them easily on my Facebook timeline… so get ready for that.  
 HOW DO I SUBSCRIBE? Easy, simply go to MY CHANNEL (if you don’t have a gmail or google account you will need to set one up, and it will notify you if you don’t have one.  Setting one up is super easy and it walks you through the steps.)  

You will simply click the “SUBSCRIBE” button and that’s it- you are a subscriber to MY CHANNEL!!  Super easy!

Well this is where you will get to see more “in the moment” tid bits from me.  Yes I post my class schedule there, and yes I share my MONDAY MISH-MASH video series there, but you can also get a NEW FREE PROJECT TUTORIAL by LIKING my page!! I am in the process of getting my ON-LINE STORE up and running there as well, so you will be able to purchase kits and such.  If you LIKE my page you will be the first one to know the status on that endeavor as well!  My FANS on Facebook were the only ones who got “real time” updates from event’s like Stampin’ Up! Convention.  I will say for those of you who already LIKE my page that if you don’t interact with me periodically there that the robots at FB assume that you no longer are interested and they slowly stop sending you my feeds and updates until you no longer receive them, ;-(   SAD FACE.  To me Facebook is like being here with me in my stamp studio, but virtually. Doesn’t that sound fun!!
HOW DO I LIKE YOUR PAGE?  That’s easy too- go to my FACEBOOK PAGE (looks like this-)

And simply click on the LIKE button located RIGHT ABOVE the app with the thumbs up icon and the number of likes I have.  Of course if you want to receive the FREE GIFT for liking my page simply click on the app that says FREE GIFT!!

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That is basically how all of my social networks plug into here.  I LOVE what I do and LOVE sharing what I do and am so thrilled when I have people comment on any of my outlets, helps me to know that there are really people out there who actually enjoy what I am spending time on. :-)  Others enjoyment really is what makes doing this fun and enjoyable for me, so THANK YOU!!

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