Why It’s GREAT To Be A Hostess!!!

This month my Hostess Clubs will be making the following project, in preparation for Fathers Day.
This 12×12 layout and coordinating card will be our project for the following Hostess Clubs
Project Hostess: meets Friday, May 18th from 7-9 PM at my home
SA Hostess Club meets Sat., May 19th from 1-3 PM at my home
McAllen Hostess Club meets Sat., May 26th from 1-3 PM at Diana Chavez’ home
If you aren’t a member of one of these clubs don’t worry- you are still WELCOME to come and make this project.  You can come and if you place a qualifying order of $25 your project is FREE and if you decide not to place an order the project is $8.00
Want to start a club of your own, or want more info about how clubs work? 
It’s easy… 6 people make up a club and they meet every other month for one year. At each club meeting the members place a minimum of $25 in order and each member get a turn at being the hostess.  So what are the benefits of being in a club??
*Each member earns the hostess rewards for one month out of the run for their club, a minimum of $25 of FREE product!!
*Each member gets to select a non-product based class to attend for FREE during their club month.
*Each member gets to attend an annual invitation only Hostess Appreciation Event prior to my Catty Kick-Off event JUST for my hostess’
*Each member gets their first snail adhesive for FREE, and returning club members receives a FREE refill.
Want to join a Hostess Club?? EMAIL ME NOW!! As soon as I have 6 interested people we can get you going!! OR get together 5 of your friends and create your own club and get all the benifits of being a hostess without the work of cleaning your house or sending out invites.


  1. GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! I freaking love this page!!!! I will be lifting this today friend. You are awesome!

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