Why I LOVE Stampin’ Up!

Good Sunday Morning!!
As I get ready for church today and after the last 2 weeks of craziness I am thinking of how awesome my job is!!  I have been running around like a crazed person the last few weeks getting ready for a TON of different events and I have been trying to get together with these amazing ladies and finally last night after my stamp camp we could all make it work.  So who are these STARS? These are my stamper-nurse-friends!  From left to right: 
Jeannette, Tara, Manuela, Mandie, ME, Beverly (Melissa is missing *frown*)
These ladies blessed me with the opportunity to help out with the Little Hereos Prom Fundraiser Stamp Camp earlier this year, which was an amazing opportunity!!  It made me recognize why I LOVE doing what I do, in fact this entire month has helped me to do just that!  I shared my story of finding Stampin’ Up! at a recent workshop- I never thought too much about it until I actually shared it out loud.  I suffered from horrible postpartum depression after my second child was born (my 2 kids are only 12 months apart) and when I finally was introduced to Stampin’ Up! I finally came to terms that what I needed was my creative outlet to help me get back to normal (along with modern medicine!!). I feel so blessed that I get to be creatie everyday, share this opportunity with others, help others find their own creativity, make new friends, give others a creative outlet… I could go on and on!!!
I LOVE my life, my kids, my career, my opportunities to share and serve and most of all-
THANK YOU LADIES, and THANK YOU to ALL of my stamping friends who make my job everyday SO enjoyable and worthwhile!!  I had SO much fun with you ALL at Stamp Camp and my Workshops/Clubs this month- YOU ALL are the BEST!!!!


  1. Awwww….and they are so blessed to know you!!! :)

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