Where Were You When…

Do you recall where you were and what you were doing on that early morning September 11th 2001? I remember like it was yesterday. I will never forget seeing those shocking and monstrous images on the TV of those two towers coming down. I knew then that my life and all of our lives had changed FOREVER.

No matter your political beliefs or affiliations we all can agree that what happened that day was horrific. I pray that nothing like that ever happens again, I am SO THANKFUL for those uniformed Men and Women that fight to defend our rights as Americans everyday. I am not going to post my regular items today, as it just doesn’t seem appropriate to do so- for me anyway. I hope we can all take a moment and reflect on the spirit that this Nation had the day after this sad event. Remember how we all hung the American flag in from of our homes and balconies to display our unity and pride in this country? I think that is the one thing that allowed many of us to get through such a trying time such as this. I hope you all have a happy and safe day and remember those that we lost this day 8 years ago.


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