Where Have I Been????

So Here is the scoop…I get home from Convention (which was AMAZING!!!!!) and I walk into a sparkling house (thanks to my sweet husband), I round the corner to take all my goodies into my office and walk through the door- HOLY CRAP!!! It was a disaster. I had started a craft project and left right in the middle to leave for Convention and left it a total mess. It was the ONLY room that my dear husband didn’t touch. Since I CANNOT be creative in a disaster zone, I had to tidy up. Which meant I had to re-configure the whole space. I was inspired from Convention and it got my JUICES flowin‘!!!! So this is where I hibernate, this is now the “meat and potatoes” of my office. The opposite wall of the entry is this “work zone”. On the right side of the table is my crafty area, and the left side is my work side. The table is my old dining room table and I love the glass top it has, there is no “give” to the table when I am stamping. It is too small for a dining table and perfect for me. The only thing I will add soon are those bed risers under the legs, so that I can stand and craft…I like that best.

I have all of my stamp accessories and sets within arms reach, and the printer and laptop are all located right near each other. It flows SO MUCH BETTER than before!

I just installed the IKEA rails that hold all my punches. I love this so much more than the plastic shoe holder I had on the door and SO much prettier too. I have a full bath off to the right of this area as well. Something I didn’t include in these pics is the trundle bed I have off to the right as well. The wall over there houses all the scrap pages for display
as well as that bed in case we have extra company.

This wall is opposite the desk, and it is my main display area. I have upcoming class projects and samples from convention here. I also display cute 3-D items I have either made or received through swaps. My class members LOVE to see what I have here, and some of the items I love SO much they never move. There are also more of my scrapbook pages. When my husband came in to see the progress he said, “Wow, it looks like a Mexican Restaurant in here, you just need some Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling.” Made me laugh.

This area is just to the right of the display wall and obviously faces the VERY LIT window. This is where I have my TV mounted and another little display shelf on the wall. The wire storage cubes hold all my inventory waiting to be completed for craft fairs. I hoard all different alterable items over time and then get crafty and sell them at local craft fairs. I have so much fun, and it keeps me out of trouble. When mid-September rolls around those cubes are almost completely EMPTY! Then I hit the stores all over again.


  1. Super nice! I love the black/white color scheme.

  2. Where did you get that damask black and white chair-I love it!
    The room looks soooo good. I went and bought my rails on Friday:)

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