Where Have I Been & What Have I Been Up To??

So, first question…Where have I been? Well nowhere really, I simply have not felt any creative Mojo- AT ALL!!! I have been in a real FUNK lately and I think there are a few reasons why. For quite a while it has been really grey and ugly outside, and if you know me you know that when there are long periods of sun-less days I am NOT happy.

This is the view from my craft room, and usually I open the drapes and enjoy the view…but not now!
Here is another view, our house is fairly high on the hill and I have a very panoramic view. I got so dumpy that I even considered selling all of my crafting things and be done with it all… I KNOW- can you believe it! It was dire!

I needed a nice day with nothing but sun that I could bask in and enjoy…I think I require more Vitamin D than a normal person does…seriously.
So that is one reason for my absence, but then I realized that I was also stressed and consumed with the preparation of another HUGE event…
My daughter was baptised on the 16th, she had such a great day and was super excited about the entire event. She is so adorable, and my house was full of family and cousins and even though it was a little chaotic at times I know that both of my kids had a wonderful time and love it when their grandparents and cousins visit.
The dress my daughter is wearing is the SAME dress that I was baptised in when I was eight. My sister also got baptised in the very same dress…it is a very special heirloom now. I am having it preserved so that one day her daughters may be able to wear it.

She is such a little lady and has such a wonderful and wise spirit.
Now this wouldn’t be a complete post with out something crafty. Here is a simple project that I combined my MDS (My Digital Studio) with my love for organization. I made these sheets of this pattern by simply printing the MDS image of the Baroque Motif stamp set onto white copy paper.

Then I trimmed down the sheets to fit around the box lid and bottom. On this example I used Modge Podge to adhere the sheets to the box pieces, then I covered with another layer of the MP to give the glossy finish.

One thing you have to remember when using the Modge Podge is that when it sits against itself (at least here in TX where it is humid) it tends to stick to itself. So, I had to be sure that I didn’t put any MP on the inside lip of the box lid. I also realized to that the bottom would stick to the shelf if I didn’t attach these little felt pads on the bottom of the boxes.

I only brought the sheets over the lip of the box bottom slightly, so that I could conserve the sheets. I also found that you could get this same effect with out the stickiness by using clear contact paper.
When I used the contact paper I simply attached the printed sheets gingerly with regular tape and then laid the bottom of the box on top of the grid side of the contact paper. I drew an light outline of there the box sat, and made sure that the sides would wrap all the way up and over the sides of the box. Then using my applicator for my definitely decorative items. I will post a picture of the steps tomorrow for you, I have a few more boxes to finish. The day I tried the contact paper my camera’s batteries were dead.
I hope you enjoyed the update and the project. I actually did a challenge today as well and will post that this week as well. I have updated a ton of stuff on my blog as well and hope you take a second to look around! Have a great day and until next time~ TTFN


  1. Erin, I am new to your blog and it is very cool. I love the items that you have made and I had never tought to cover the boxes like you have (that would be so cool to have all you boxes look alike or at least coordinate. LOL

    I think that you DD is adorable and what a nice family. I immediatley noticed that she had on a pretty dress instead of one of the jumpsuits that most girls and boys wear. I made my daughter a dress for her confirmation and we borrowed a really fance jumpsuit from a friend for her to be baptised in. that was 10 years ago!

    I have to give a talk at my cousin’s wife’s baptism this comming friday and I am nervous but I hope that something I say will touch my husbands heart and that he will want to be baptised too. We have been married 25 years and have 5 grown children. One served a mission to Argentina. Well probably more info than you needed from a stanger but I just love the pictures of your wonderful family.


  2. Are you kidding me? That is awesome!! Now I can stop searching for my baroque trash can and make it myself.

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