When Having OCD Becomes Annoying!

I have some exciting things in store for you all… sadly it is going to take me a wee-bit longer to get them all set for you, which is running havoc with my OCD!! I hate having things on my “To-Do” list and it’s even worse when there are items on there that I can’t knock out on my own!  I have some MAJOR changes coming for this little online home of mine.  I have some SUPER cute updates for this here blog, but like with everything else it requires a bit of learning for me …

Don’t judge me… everyone has done this at least once, right?!

I have been stressing quite a bit over the last several days about all the things I need to get done to get this online home for me, and for you too. I hope that you can stick out this transition phase with me and give me a chance to WOW you with my new digs!

If you were a blog subscriber before the change over you may have noticed that you are not getting those daily emails with my post updates coming to your inbox… yes, I am trying to figure that out too.  This is an entirely NEW platform for me and although I am picking it up faster than I anticipated… it requires A LOT of reading, and I HATE to read!!  I guess it’s not so much my LOATH of reading as it is I have a learning disability that makes reading a real struggle and EFFORT for me… which makes it anything BUT fun and more WORK! Who like that kind of work?

If you also have my HSS APP on your smart phone or device you are probably already aware of the fact that my blog feed doesn’t appear on it… yeah, so there is something else I need to study and figure out how to fix.  So with that on top of the whole blog overhaul I will be busy for a bit :-) ! I am looking forward to how great everything will be once I have it all worked out though.  If you haven’t already downloaded the APP, WAIT! I know that feels so backwards to type that for everyone to see… but seriously everything is a mess right now and I would really prefer that you download something that is useful, LOL!!!

So long story short (too late, huh?) be patient with me, and just be in anticipation for my newest look coming soon.  I have some fun things to announce to my mailing list this week as well, and if you are not yet a member I HIGHLY recommend it!  I know that all my mailing list member’s with Sept. Birthdays will be getting a special offer, AND there will be some exciting things for everyone else as well.  If you want to join simply fill out the blue sign-up form in the right sidebar.  It’s FREE and easy to join!!



  1. Erin this is gorgeous. It is really worth all your work. Thanks, I love following you.

    • Erin Gonzales says:

      Dorothy, Thanks so much I am so thrilled with it too, yes it was worth it but man was it frustrating. I will say that I know how to use WP so much better now, silver lining, Huh? :-)

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