What’s The Deal With QR Codes?

Before I tackle the topic for today I want to take a moment and THANK all the Service Men & Women, it is with much gratitude that I am able to enjoy this day (and all it’s freedoms) with my family because of the sacrifice and bravery of all those who are associated with our Military.  THANK YOU just doesn’t seem like enough.

Are you familiar with QR Codes?  Do you know what they are, or how they work?  If you answer is no, you’re not alone.  These handy little tools are playing a more important role every day… especially when it comes to Hand Stamped Style and Stampin’ Up!  Let’s start at the beginning… Have you ever noticed these little symbols while you were looking through the Stampin’ Up! catalogs?

Stampin' Up! QR codes http://www.handstampedstyle.com

See the QR Code marked with the pink circle.

They are sort of small and might have gone undetected by you, but these little symbols hold a TON of helpful info-

Stampin' Up! QR codes http://www.handstampedstyle.com

How many QR Codes can you find in the catalog?

Now that you know what they look like, let me explain what they are and how they work… the most amazing thing about these little codes is how “INTERACTIVE” they make viewing the catalogs and the entire creative experience.  I made a quick informative video to help you understand what they are and how they work, along with how you can start reading them on your own devices.  If you are viewing this through your email then CLICK HERE to view the video on my Youtube Channel.

A QR Code is basically a “picture” that your phone or mobile device recognizes as a specific link or URL.  So when your device “sees” the QR Code it immediately takes you to that specific link location or video in many cases.  Companies use them for all kinds of things… to share coupons, ads, videos, websites, and more.

So why am I sharing this with you? Well Stampin’ Up! of course is using them more and more in the catalogs, which is awesome because they will typically take you to informative videos full of tips and techniques for the products in the catalogs.  So be sure to watch for those as you look through your NEW catalog… but there is another reason why I share this with you…

I too am going to start using them more and more in my business and offerings.  In fact one of the first areas that I will be using them are with my class tutorials.  From now on when class kits are shipped out there will be a QR Code stuck to the packet that once scanned will take you to the online tutorials, videos and more.  Of course the links will still be included on your email receipt when you complete the purchase process, but you will also have a hard copy of the link on your kits.  The first project that will have a QR Code is the the Make-n-Take that we will be making at the Catalog Kickoff Luau… which I will be sharing with you tomorrow!!

There will be other areas of my business that I utilize QR Codes as well so if you don’t have a QR Code reader on your device download one today… it’s simple to do (which I share in the video as well).  If you are an Android user simply go to the Google Play store and search for “QR Code Reader” and download one of the free ones listed and you’re ready.  For Apple users, go to the iTunes store and search for the same type of app, and download.  It’s very simple.  Here is a fun test for you… download your QR Code reader today THEN scan this code and download the HSS APP… which will be part of some freebies later in the week.

Here is the HSS APP for Androids

HSS APP for androids http://www.handstampedstyle.com

Get the HSS APP HERE for your Android device.

Here is the HSS APP for Apple Devices

HSS APP for Apple http://www.handstampedstyle.com

Get the HSS APP for your Apple device here.

This week it’s all about getting ready for my Catalog Kickoff Luau… there will be awesome reveals and offerings ALL week so be sure to check back everyday for something fun and awesome.  I will be sharing sneak peeks and surprises on my FACEBOOK PAGE as well, so be sure to follow me there and LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK today!

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