What would YOU Get With $150 From Stampin’ Up!

Stampin’ Up! announced yesterday that they are adding even MORE value to the STARTER KIT for ONE WEEK ONLY!!  Between Aug. 21st-28th you can take advantage of this special.  I seriously can’t believe this, so for just a $99 investment you can get $150 worth of product to start your own stamping business or get your own supplies at a great value- that’s AWESOME-SAUCE!!

Let’s admit it… even the most “business-minded” Demonstrators ALL joined in the beginning because they LOVED the product, and wanted their own supplies at a screamin’ discount!  Who can blame them?  That was me… yep.  When I first joined I really only wanted the discount, and I thought about doing a workshop or two for my friends to help subsidize my addiction… I am sure many other Demo’s can relate.  But as I thought about the many reasons why I joined I came up with-

8 Benefits for becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and Joining the Hand Stamped Style Team http://www.handstampedstyle.com

There are SO many more benefits, but let’s start with a few…

I think about how Stampin’ Up! has changed my life over the last 8 years, and the benefits are MANY!  Here are 8 benefits that might help you decide if taking the plunge is for you!

1. MAKE LIFE LONG FRIENDS: The one thing that being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator has brought me that is worth more than any other benefit are the LIFE LONG FRIENDSHIPS I have formed.  The people you will meet and the relationships that you will form from being part of this sisterhood is inspiring.  I have met the most amazing women through Stampin’ Up! and I can honestly say I consider them to be my sisters.  I can’t imagine my life or creative journey without these wonderful women!

2. CREATIVITY WITH FRIENDS: Who doesn’t like getting together with their friends for an evening of stress free creativity.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a girls night with some friends where you share with them a fun technique that you learned through the Stampin’ Up! Demo training resources.  You could even break out a few kits for everyone to make while everyone shares some funny stories, and lots of laughs!!

3. EARLY ACCESS TO NEW PRODUCTS: That’s right, ALL Demonstrators get to purchase products in upcoming, unreleased publications, before the general public.  Of course this provides you time to create class samples in advance or simply to get your hot little hands on those NEW products before anyone else.  The other FAB thing about this, is that if you JOIN MY TEAM on Aug. 28th you can select HOLIDAY CATALOG items to be included in your STARTER KIT!! I know, isn’t that awesome… you can get FREE NEW HOLIDAY PRODUCTS included in your KIT! So AWESOME!!

4. FREE SHIPPING ON YOUR STARTER KIT: Oh, that’s right… you aren’t dreaming!  You get all those goodies ($150 worth until Aug. 28th) shipped to you for FREE!!  So you really do only pay $99, plus tax but that’s it!! Seriously that is an awesome deal, and really it’s a nominal investment to start your own business.  It normally costs 5-10K on the low end to start your own business, but not with Stampin’ Up!  There is NO inventory to keep on hand or store, there’s no brick and mortar store to pay rent on or have overhead for… there are no employment taxes to pay for employees… YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS!!

5. UNLIMITED ACCESS TO ME: When you join the HSS Team you have a wealth of experience and knowledge to tap into.  I invest heavily in my business, which includes boot camps, classes, online training and Conventions.  I share the information that I learn from ALL of these areas of my business with my Team Members.  If my Team Members want a successful stamping business, then it is my goal to help them get there.  Will I push my goals and agenda on you?  NO, NEVER!  IF you only want the discount that Demonstrators get, then that is what you will get from me.  I have monthly online and local meetings to help connect and support my team, not to mention we always have a little stamping fun!  I share all my info on our PRIVATE TEAM FACEBOOK PAGE and our PRIVATE HSS TEAM SITE, so those who want to use it have access to it, but beyond that I will help you personally if you want to develop a game plan to accomplish your goals.  Basically you decide how involved you want me to be in your business, and I am there for you.

6.  DISCOUNT ON ALL YOUR STAMPIN’ UP! PRODUCTS: That’s right, as a Demonstrator you get a standard 20% discount on ALL your products, always.  Plus, depending on your sales each month you could earn up to 40% off, the potential is AWESOME!!  Plus as a NEW Demonstrator you get a ONE TIME 30% discount on your FIRST order (for yourself or from a workshop) within your first 45 days!!  It’s all SO COOL!

7. EARN EXTRA MONEY: Well, as I shared in #6, you get all the Stampin’ Up! Product at a great discount… that means that when you sell the catalog product to your customers, YOU keep the 20, or 40% difference as income!  Depending on how much time and effort you want to put in will determine how much you can make.  For some, covering the car payment is all they want… for others, a substantial income is needed.  Whatever your need or goal, it is all totally possible! You tell me what it is you want to achieve and I will share with you how to go about getting it.

8. EARN AWESOME BONUSES AND INCENTIVE TRIPS: wipe those eyes, you aren’t dreaming!  Aside from the money you can earn and the discounts you can receive you also can earn CASH BONUSES and FREE INCENTIVE TRIPS as perks for hitting certain sales goals.  Last years I earned a $3500 bonus for hitting a sales goal of $30K in one year, and I also got  $1000 bonus for hitting $100K in lifetime sales.  I also earned the Incentive trip to Western Caribbean last year and Grand Vacation this year to Hawaii.   The possibilities are so amazing and just think, with my suggestions and advise you could earn these bonuses faster than I did!

I don’t know if I will ever be able to accurately put into words how joining the Stampin’ Up! family has changed my life.  For those who might not know me that well, or maybe haven’t followed me for very long you might not know that I suffer and have suffered from depression for YEARS.  Something happened chemically inside me when I became pregnant with my son, and got horribly worse once her was born.  I became pregnant with my daughter within 3 short months of having my son, not planned, which only compounded the depression I was entering.  Since that moment I have never been or felt the same.  I battled a very long time with horrible thoughts, and went through very dark years for too long.  When I went to my first card class something happened… I had a creative outlet that helped me see a little light.  I have always been a crafty person, not creative but crafty. Making these cards and stamping honestly helped me return to some resemblance of normalcy, and every day I pick up a stamp or introduce someone into this life saver hobby makes me more normal.  I think I will always battle with dark days, but now when those days come I know what kind of therapy helps to deal with it.  Now you may have an idea of why I am SO passionate about Stampin’ Up! and what I do.  I do it because I love it and I know without a doubt it saved me!

If you think that JOINING MY TEAM could make a life changing moment for you, or if it just sounds fun I would love to have you as part of my team.  If you have questions or want to just chat about the possibilities please feel free to CALL ME 210-376-7639 or EMAIL ME.  I would love to chat, and rest assured there will be NO PRESSURE!  I don’t roll like that, honestly NO ONE likes “that” girl!

If you know that you want to JOIN MY TEAM then CLICK HERE to get started now!


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