What To Look Forward To At HSS Catalog Kickoff Luau

Getting to drool over the NEW 2014-15 Stampin’ Up! Catalog would almost be enough for most to look forward to at my Catalog Kickoff Luau, but that isn’t ALL you can look forward to- there is SO MUCH MORE!! If you are wondering why I have chosen a LUAU for my theme for this year’s Catalog Kickoff let me explain… I am literally days away from earning the 2015 Grand Vacation, and in celebration I chose that as this years theme!!

If you missed my post yesterday you should check it out, I shared THIS VIDEO about the party but I have more to share with you today!

Catalog Kick-off Luau http://www.handstampedstyle.com

Mark Your Calendars!

First lets start with the basic details for this event, like the location… if you come to regular events of mine you know that they are typically held at my house- but not this event.  I am anticipation a larger crowd than what will fit comfortably in my home so I rented the Clubhouse in my hood-

Luau address is: 18003 Point Bluff Dr., San Antonio 78258.

So what can you look forward to at the event?  Well of course it wouldn’t be a REAL party without plenty of GIVEAWAYS, right? OF COURSE!!  So yep, there will be TONS of prizes ALL DAY!  So how do you get tickets for the drawing for PRIZES??  Let me show you how…

AT THE EVENT you will earn tickets for the following things:

  • wearing festive FLIP-FLOPS
  • wearing a grass skirt
  • wearing a coconut bra (lost of points for that!!)
  • Bringing a SHOW-N-TELL item
  • bringing friends
  • joining a HOSTESS CLUB (or extending your membership)
  • having the HSS APP on your phone (don’t have… you can download HERE!)
  • AND MORE!!

Of course there will be a MAKE-N-TAKE project that will be super ADORBS! You will also get your very own copy of the NEW CATALOG, yeah!!  There will be FUN games… that will have you ROLLING in laughter, not to mention that there will be some AWESOME PHOTO OPPS… that’s a teaser for you.  I also have some YUMMY treats for the event, hopefully they will be festive enough :-)

Retired items will also be there for sale, and this will work a little differently in past years… I am giving my Hostess Club Members first dibs on the retired items I have available and since I have so many non-local Hostess Club Members here is how it will go-

A few days prior to the Luau I will email a list of retired items that are available for sale, then Club Members can claim the items they want prior to the event… there will be instructions in the email as to how to purchase the items as well.  What is unclaimed the day of the Luau will be available for sale at the local event, then what is remaining once the event is over will be posted on my blog for ALL.

I have a couple of surprises for my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS at this event, this is a surprise for the actual party!  For those non-local club members, don’t say a word on my Facebook Page about what you find in your package until after the day of the party, thanks :-)

One last thing before I leave you today- there JUST 3 spots available for the WATERCOLOR NOTE CARD CLASS that will be directly after the Catalog Kickoff Luau-

Watercolor Note Card Class http://www.HandStampedStyle.com

Make 20 simple cards in NO time!

Want to make these cards but don’t live near me?  Not a problem, the kits can be mailed!!



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