What Kind Of Starter Kit Is Right For You?

Depending where you are in your crafting journey determines how and what you choose to put in your STARTER KIT.  You heard me right, the starter kit from Stampin’ Up! is COMPLETELY customize-able, you select ANYTHING from the catalog without going over $125 (makes me want to say “no whammys, no whammys…).

So how do you determine what will go in YOUR starter kit? Well that all depends on what you already have…  I always recommend to my Team Members that they select items that they don’t already own.  Although we should always promote Stampin’ Up! products, when you are just starting out it’s all about MAKING MONEY rather than spending it.

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The best thing about the current SIGN & SAVE promotion is that there are 2 options.  You can opt to get the regular $99 Starter Kit, where you can select up to $125 in catalog product – OR –

You can select the $50 Starter Kit, which you will get to select $55 in catalog product – but with whichever kit you select you get FREE SHIPPING!!

Which kit would I recommend? Well that all depends… if you were a previous demonstrator or you have A LOT of supplies and stamps already then I would lean towards the $55 Starter Kit.

If you are fairly new to stamping, or don’t have a healthy inventory of supplies and stamps then I recommend the $99 Starter Kit.  Did you know that with either Starter Kit you can actually get the much coveted BLENDABILITIES!!

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There are so many reasons to JOIN MY TEAM and no matter which STARTER KIT you chose you can’t go wrong, because you will be part of MY TEAM and you will get to benefit from the business tips and tools I share to help make you successful.  Have more questions?  EMAIL ME TODAY about JOINING MY TEAM.

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