12 Weeks Of Christmas Program

I just launched my FIRST week of the program and my MAILING LIST MEMBERS are in LOVE!!  If you haven’t already signed up you missed out on week one, BUT JOIN NOW (before noon wed.) and you can still get weeks 2-12!!



  1. Erin, I love your card making, you are so talented. I enjoy getting your information by email. However, I didn’t get your 12 weeks of Christmas. Is there any way I can get it?

    • Erin Gonzales says:

      Thanks Marilyn- I did check and yes you are on my mailing list so that email had to have gone to you. If you didn’t get it there could be a couple of issues… one being that Yahoo might have bounced it or prevented it from being delivered to you? You would need to add me to your safe sender list in that program, OR it might be in your spam/junk folder? Sometimes those programs don’t always get things right with their filters. I hope you are able to locate it, sadly there is no way for me to resend the info to just one person, if I resend it it gets resent to EVERYONE. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance, thanks so much for being a member. You will love tomorrows too!!
      Take Care~
      Erin Gonzales

  2. Grace Isidro says:

    Hi Erin, Did we need to sign up for your mailing list again after you re-vamped your wesite? I thought I was on your mailing list but I didn’t get the 12weeks of Christmas

    • Erin Gonzales says:

      Hi Grace, no, there is no need to resign up as the mailing list was completely different database than my blog. however, I did go through my “unsubscribe” list right before looking at this and you were on that list. The only way that you would have gotten on that list is if you clicked to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email or if you forwarded an email of mine from that system to someone else and they clicked unsubscribe then it would unsubscribe you… I just saw that you re-signed up so you should be all set now. Wonder how you got moved to that other list??

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