We Will Never Forget…

Every 9/11 is somber to me, not so much because I relive every moment of that day on it’s anniversary but because I reflect on how the lives of so many changed that day.  The world as we know it, or knew it changed forever that day.  It’s so much larger than I can even put into words.  I am rarely serious or mature, but on a day like today the only thing I can do is grieve for those who lost so many, and grieve for those who will continue to die for our country, and long for the day when other countries can live in peace with their neighbors and Gods of every belief are accepted by others instead of being the reason for strapping a bomb to your body.

Take a moment, reflect on this day… what does it mean to you?  How is your life different now because of the events of the past and present? I offer a moment of silence on my little space of the web to think about those who have and will give their lives for all those things I enjoy and hold sacred.

THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU, AND GOLD BLESS YOU (what ever God that is to you.)

9/11 we can never forget!

9/11 we can never forget!


My prayers are with the families that have lost and grieve.

Take a moment and make sure everyone that means anything to you, knows that you care about them.  We never know when our last moments will take place here on this earth.  Let’s not live or die with regrets… today is a day for reflection and spread the LOVE!

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