Want To Create Even In Your Car?

I admit that I do (often) create in my car… while I am sitting in the parking lot at school, at the church during mutual, during volleyball practice, and more… and believe it or not, I DON’T drag all my paper crafting supplies with me either.  So are you wondering how in the world I do all this… well it’s easy, I get crafty using-

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So what is MDS (My Digital Studio)?  To describe it in a single word is “software”.  I know that word doesn’t really do it justice, BUT it is a tool that you use on your computer.  You can use the tool to create digital scrap pages, books, calendars, cards, post cards, frame pieces, digital elements (like logos & business cards), and SO MUCH MORE!  The best part is that you can print out anything you create, AND you have such amazingly endless options when you pair MDS with a e-cutter like the Silhouette.

I can’t even begin to express how much I LOVE to play with MDS (My Digital Studio), now don’t get me wrong… I will NEVER give up my paper, BUT MDS is like an added tool in my crafty arsenal… just like my heat tool or my Big Shot is.  I love it’s versatility that allows me to be creative ANYWHERE, at the airport or in the car, heck I use it even while I get my toes done (I know I need help.)

So to help everyone else FALL IN LOVE with this much needed tool I am now offering a class just for YOU!!


You will learn the basics of the tool, and eight different simple starter functions that will totally get you started using this awesome crafty tool!  This class will be offered on a Bi-monthly basis so get in now while you can before it’s gone for another few months.  Space is limited as well, so register early as not to miss out.

Check out my CLASS CALENDAR to get the FULL DETAILS about this upcoming class.  You will want to either purchase the complete MY DIGITAL SOFTWARE software (for just $19.95) OR download the MDS TRAIL VERSION and get to test it out for FREE FOR 30 DAYSCLICK HERE TO SEE FULL DETAILS FOR THIS UPCOMING CLASS TODAY!

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