I am excited to announce a NEW class for April… yeah- I didn’t have enough of them planned- LOL!!  I just thought this was a class that so many of my stampers could benefit from, it’s a BIG SHOT 101 class.  Thanks to my friend Erica Cerwin who shared with me a similar class that she held for her stampers and what a hit it was… I had to hold one for my gals! So here are the deets-

This class will be held on Sat., April 21st from 1-3 PM and you won’t want to miss this class especially if you have bought the Big Shot and it’s still sitting in it’s box… *frown* or if you’re really considering purchasing this AWESOMELY FANTASTIC machine!!  So what will you learn… EVERYTHING!!! You will see how to stack your pieces, why they should be stacked a certain way, what all the different pieces are for, what is normal and what’s NOT as far as sounds, and behavior… and SO MUCH MORE!!!

You will also be making some projects, OF COURSE!!! You will be SO comfortable with your new love, the Big Shot after the class.  So want to know how to register for this class?? Well this class is actually FREE just by purchasing a die of at least $17.95 or more at the class, not only will you get to learn how to use it but you will get to keep it, LOL!!! 
This class will also be available after the 21st via my On-Line class series.  In order to have access to the On-Line class you simply need to place an on-line order for a Big Shot Die of at least $17.95, you will then receive access to the on-line class.  I can’t wait to share ALL this incredible information with you and you will be amazed after you realize how easy BUT awesome this machine is!!
Can’t wait to register for this On-Line class??? Simply click the button below and purchase your die NOW!!!

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