Upcoming Class Projects!!

Morning Stampers!!!
I thought I would share with you some quick pics of classes I have scheduled for April. I have also added some PAGES to the top of this blog with helpful info and events so please check them out. I have added a calendar page as well, you can find it HERE. Take a look and see what you might like to attend this coming month…
The first class is going to be a Mother’s Day card class. You will get to make 2 of each of these 3 designs. You can always chose to make more as well, so you can have a card for EVERY Mother that you know. These cards are easy, simple, and super cute & fun!!!

Here is the project for the next class I have scheduled for April, Adorable Organized File Folder Class. I thought this would be a cute gift item for that special lady on that special lady day… You can find even MORE INFO on this class by clicking HERE.

Can you believe that you make this adorable note pad holder out of a single decorative file folder?? Yep, it’s true!

This is what the finished product looks like, and these are super easy to make and pack such a WOW punch for that person receiving it. They will think you spent all day making it.

The best part is that it will easily fit into most average size handbags and even in your glove box for all those times that you need pen & paper…but come on- who is going to pack this beautiful gift away in their glove box??

I hope you enjoyed these projects and if you live in or near the San Antonio area and would like to attend please contact me at erin@handstampedstyle.com and reserve your spot today, seating is limited so get your spot early!! Thanks for stopping by and until next time~ TTFN

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