Up Coming Class…4 Sure!

One of my devoted stampers mentioned in a class the other night, how she would love to make an organizer for her cards. She just couldn’t stand how the dates typically listed in these projects only gave one slot for each day of the month. She said that she sometimes has 2 or 3 people with a birthday on the same day…that got me thinking. There are all these extra pockets in these card calendars, lets use them ALL! So when we have our class (date to be announced soon!) there is a little surprise that not only gives you the room that you need for all the anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc…BUT does it in such a cute and stylish way!!!
The inside of the book looks like this and I have to tell you that these were SO easy and FUN to make, I cranked out a few of all sizes. :)

The inside of this card calendar looks like this. I had such a blast creating these FUN and SUPER EASY card calendars that I cranked out a few in just a little over half an hour. I love the way you get to use all the different types of patterns in the DSP (man I LOVE this stuff!)

This is a book I made with a few of the pocket pages and blank ones too, I am using it at CONVENTION to take my notes in!! I love using cute things!!! I can’t wait for Convention.

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