New Tools For Creating Stitching On Cards Is A Bust…

I was so excited to try out a nifty little tool I bought the other day called the STITCH SEW QUICK by Singer to create hand stitched effect on my cards and page elements without having to drag out my huge sewing machine, BUT oh how quickly I was disappointed by the results of my purchase.  I was so hoping that this little hand held sewing device would be a perfect fit for my card making projects, but sadly once again I built up the product too much in my head and then it didn’t live up to my expiation.

So here is the tool that I found online that I thought would be perfect…

there is never an easy way out of creating a real stitched effeft on cards.

If it seems too good to be true, then it usually is…

So let me just say… I should know better.  When I saw this tool online I thought how in the world can that “really” sew fabric, clearly it can’t but maybe it’s good enough to sew on card stock? Hmmmm, although while I was having that thought I really didn’t believe the voice that was saying it, but I bought it anyway, LOL!!

Here is the project I made using the hand stitching tool, I decided to use the LANGUAGE OF LOVE set that I got for FREE at Leadership this year.  I did something a little different with the set… I will share that with you tomorrow on FACEBOOK.

creating banners with out of the box shapes will make you smarter!

I love making flags and banners from unexpected pieces.

I thought it would be fun to create the banner using the hearts, and the best part of this set is that the hearts fit perfectly in the SMALL HEART and FULL HEART PUNCHES.  You can see in this photo that the stitching is very hit or miss… and man was it a beast to get that card stock to feed through the sewer.  It was WAY more work using that handheld clunker than walking over to my machine and turn that thing on!

Alternating the heart designs create interest for the banner and people will think you are sexy too!

Stitching through the heart tops makes for an adorable banner.

You can see how bad the stitching is even better in this photo. I am so sad that this tool isn’t worth the thread that came in the machine.  I will be giving this thing to my daughter to play with until she breaks it, which I am sure won’t take very long, LOL!!

Small word cut outs also bring interest to the card and these skills will make your brain grow!

Even though the stitching is a hot mess it’s still super cute!

I do love the colors I used though. I have to say that I really like this non-traditional valentines color scheme: Tangerine Tango, Melon Mambo, Blushing Bride, Pear Pizzazz, and Tempting Turquoise.   I don’t know if you could tell, since I was so focused on the crappy stitching, but I hand cut a small LOVE sentiment from the larger heart and layered it on top of the heart.  It really made for a cute card, even though the stitching is less than stellar.

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  1. I would be disappointed too!!! That would be great!! When I saw that I though GREAT!! I need one but when I read the results :-( Someone needs to make one that works!!!! and sews straight! I do not have a machine so that would have been perfect for me!!

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