Today’s Crafty Project- Definitely Decorative Time

Today I decided to finally do a QUICK and EASY project that I have been thinking about for a while. I wanted to use my Etching Cream to make some custom housewares but the trick- I used some products from out AMAZING Definitely Decorative line. So lets see what I did.
First think is to apply the vinyl image onto what ever item you want to use. I used this mug, but I will tell you if you have mugs of color (like a red, or green, or chocolate) with a nice gloss for the finish. Tip: the darker the mug the better or more vibrant the result.

Then you apply a nice thick coat of Etching Cream (which you can find at any local hobby store) and follow the directions on the bottle. Mine had to sit for at least 5 min, although I left it on for 15 min. I have done it for just 5 min. before but it was not as dark or drastic as I was hoping for so I suggest to add a little time to your project.
I used a cream mug and like I said it is easy to see up close but I would have preferred to use a darker mug. Someday when I make it back to Ikea I will grab some more of their CHEAP and cute mugs. You can see the glossy flower in the picture better if you adjust the angle of your screen. I am telling you in person this is a really cool effect!

Then I decided to use this technique on a clear plate I had decorated for the Holidays. I had to out a large round piece of card stock onto the back of this plate for people to be able to read it easily. I think this is a more elegant look to it. This would be a great display item for newlyweds that have their initials and a nice large “&” sign in the middle…my mind is working OT now.

So like before, simply coat with the Etching Cream-wait-and rinse.

Now you have a personalized, elegant, FUN, decorative or functional project that would make a great gift for anyone!

Here is an up-close picture and again, if you have a darker plate you will see a much more drastic effect from this technique.

Hope you enjoyed the project today and feel free to become a follower so you get updates immediately when I post. Leave a comment, I love to know that others enjoy my passion. Thanks for stopping by and until next time~ TTFN

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