To LIKE or Not To LIKE, THAT Is The Question…

Have YOU ever wondered, 
 Sure, that’s a valid question- especially if you are like me and completely unfamiliar with the difference between ALL my social networking sites…
You might think, I am on the HSS mailing list and I subscribe to the HSS blog and that should be enough… well, one would think- BUT you are missing out on even more if you aren’t connected to ME in ALL of my social networks.
The things I offer to those on my MAILING LIST are NOT the things that I share HERE on my BLOG, and the info I share on my blog I don’t put on my FACEBOOK PAGE, or to my MAILING LIST… I really do my best to never duplicate the info I post in all my social sites.
So what are three things that you are missing out on, if YOU are not a FACEBOOK FAN of mine-
I offer spontaneous things on my Facebook Page that I don’t always have time to do on my BLOG, such as… when I posted this-
You could be missing out on the opportunity to chat with me throughout the day… on anything, usually I have to take a break from my mundane duties to chat with my FACEBOOK FANS, this update we chatted about how our crafting and stamping spaces tend to look like this… check my FB Page to see what it looked like behind me… Oh’Vey!
The one thing that you miss out on the most are all the funny things I post.  I love these, because lets face it… I am ANYTHING BUT serious, and I LOVE to laugh.  I love to find things that make me giggle and share them with others to hopefully bring in some laughter into YOUR day!
Be sure to take a moment and LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE today.  Be sure to engage with me on FACEBOOK, I want to know those who find my blog and social sites entertaining and helpful, and what better way for me to know that than when you interact with me, or comment on my updates.  I promise NOT to take up ALL of the hours in your day.  Believe it or not, I limit what I do post so that I don’t become irritating to your inbox or smart phones, LOL!! But I would hate for you to miss out.

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