Tissues, Toilet Paper, Napkins, I Need More!!

Allergy season has arrived!!  I apologize for being so quiet the last few days… I have had my first bout with Allergies.


I never have enough “supplies” during Allergy season!!

I have to say that is the one thing I HATE MOST about this tropical place I live in… I love the temperate weather but sadly when it’s the nicest out side (cooler temps and a nice breeze) is when I should stay in!! Taking my kids Trick-or-Treating the other day was a mistake… the breeze was awesome and the temp was perfect but I spent the last several days held up inside curing what ales me.

Although I was introduced to this nasal shooter device at the end of last season, and honestly I forgot all about it until last night.  It is the most awkward thing to use but it is AMAZING!! It cleared me right out, literally… it got rid of my sore throat and it is now my new best friend!!  So dressed and ready am I, to take on the creative to-do list that I have ahead of me.  If you have contacted me in the last couple days and haven’t gotten a reply, please be patient.  I will work through those today.  Can’t wait to share some creative things with you tomorrow!!

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