Time to Catch Up!!!

I TOTALLY FORGOT that I had a Blog Candy drawing last week. Will you ever forgive me? I was getting ready for this Craft Fair that was being held outside, and we were getting tsunami style rain (I don’t know what that is, but it was heavy) so needless to say I was a little STRESSED out and I totally spaced it! So here is what we will do, since I only had 3 people comment for the contest last week lets try this…
leave a comment, any comment- doesn’t have to be anything special, you could just say HI. I will close the “extended” contest on FRIDAY Oct. 23rd! Leave your comment today and those that already commented will get 2 entries automatically!
Now onto crafty things…I know I slacked on getting these posted as well, what can I say it was a bad week for my brain last week. But here is another item I made for the Baby Shower I helped with. It was super easy. Simply wrap the diaper around the wreath form and secure with a clear rubber band. Tie curly ribbon around each diaper to hide the rubber bands. Then attach the items you want to give to the new Baby or Mom and use them as embellishments! Easy-Peasy!!

I hope you enjoyed the project today, and I hope to post a few pics soon of a GOOD Craft Show, not one where I look like a drowned rat. Although I have to tell you that I should have taken a pic of me and my friend at our show this weekend because honestly you would never have believe me that we could get that wet…I look like I got pulled from a storm drain during a flash flood. It was pretty funny actually. Anyhoo– have a great night and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ooo, what a fantastic idea! I’ve seen the diaper cakes but never a wreath.

  2. Love the wreathe! Now only if I had someone to make it for… hehe! :)

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