The Many Benefits Of Hostess Club Members

I have gotten some questions recently from a few of my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS about how to take advantage of the FREE CLASS and other perks that they get.  Many of them have been away for most of the summer and due to a few updates I have put into place they are unfamiliar with how to claim their FREE CLASS.  So today I am going to give a little tutorial that may help out, and if you are not a HOSTESS CLUB MEMBER then you will get to see some of the many perks that they get as members, it’s never to late to join!

Hostess Club Rewards with Hand Stamped Style

A Hostess Club takes ALL the work out of earning FREE HOSTESS REWARDS!

This tutorial will also help those of you who are interested in getting classes and tutorials that I have as well and don’t know how to go about it.  Let’s get started.

Each HOSTESS CLUB MEMBER commits to submitting a minimum $35 order (prior ship/tax) every other month for 12 months (or 6 orders).  Each member of the club is assigned to be the hostess one of those 6 ordering months, which means that they get the hostess rewards (or freebies) for their assigned month.  Along with the hostess benefits each CLUB MEMBER gets a FREE CLASS from me, if they are a local CLUB MEMBER then they can attend the local class for FREE and if they are not local or can’t make the class they can select to have the class by mail.  Each CLUB MEMBER, regardless of location, gets access to the online class project tutorials and the .PDF files for each class sample so they can access it at anytime for as long as they like.  If they select the CLASS BY MAIL then they receive a kit with the consumable supplies to complete each project for the class.  There is a small shipping cost of $4 to have the kit shipped.

So where do you FIND the classes??

First, you will want to get familiar with my HEADER MENU for my blog.  This is the tool bar or menu located right under the header image along the top.  Know that the images I am showing is what you would see on a PC and NOT on a mobile device… many of the site buttons and pages are hidden from mobile responsive views (they pear down what you can see so your phone or tablet can handle the amount of data…)

Click on the HSS SHOP button which will take you to the page where all my different class options are located.  Know that you won’t find any Stampin’ Up! products in my HSS SHOP, these are strictly my classes and tutorials.

How to find the shop

Navigating the shop is EASY.

If you are trying to view from a mobile device then you will see a drop down menu option under my header that says NAVIGATE… click on that and you will see my HSS SHOP option.

Once you’ve clicked into the HSS SHOP then you will see the categories you have to choose from.  There are LOCAL & BY MAIL CLASSES, these are typically classes that are CURRENTLY being offered.  Then there are LOCAL ONLY CLASSES, these are events that I only offer locally- like my open craft nights and such.  I have ONLINE ONLY CLASSES that are of course classes I ONLY offer in an online format.  I have an ON SALE category, which are class kits and other tutorials that are discounted and available while supplies last. I also have a CERTIFICATE & PRODUCTS category (not shown) which has finished products and gift certificates available for purchase.

How to find the shop

Then you will see the categories for my classes.

For my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS the LOCAL & BY MAIL CLASSES will usually be the category they will select.  They have the option of selecting either the SIMPLE STAMPING or TOTALLY TECHNIQUE CLASS for free as an added perk for their membership.  Once you make your selection, just click on the image you want to purchase, doing this will also take you to the page where you can see FULL DETAILS about the class and specifics on price.

How to find the shop

Once you make your category selection, you chose your class or tutorial.

There are different classes located in each of the categories, so looking around is encouraged as you could find many things you like in all the different categories.  To give you an idea… this is the screen shot of the ONLINE ONLY category… and like with the LOCAL & BY MAIL CLASSES category, when you click on an image you are taken to the details of that class.

How to find the shop

This is what the ONLINE ONLY CLASSES Category Page looks like.

Next you will see the basic layout for the product/class description page.  The class or product title in pink along the top.  Then the price range for the class, then there is a brief description below the price range.  You will see the drop down menu for the class options, you can change the quantity below the drop down and then click ADD TO CART.

What you don’t see in this image is the FULL DESCRIPTION of the class… if you were to scroll further down this page, below the individual images you would see a PRODUCT DESCRIPTION section, where there is a detailed description for each of the different class options.  This will help you understand the difference in the classes pricing.

How to find the shop

There is brief description at the top, and more details on the bottom.

Once you click the ADD TO CART button you will be taken to a page that looks like this… This step is really important for HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS–  this is the page you will enter your CLASS DISCOUNT CODE to receive your FREE CLASS.

How to find the shop


Once you enter your CLASS DISCOUNT CODE, update your cart and click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT where you will be taken to the payment screen… if you are attending the local class that code will bring you to a $0 balance and allow you to check out without paying anything, however it’s necessary to complete the process because you will be emailed a receipt that will include the link for the ONLINE version that you can access forever!

If you are getting the BY MAIL OPTION then you will be brought to a $4 balance and you complete the payment screen and then the receipt will also be sent to your inbox with the link to the tutorials and class are included.  This also will give me a report of who will get kits shipped and addresses for the kits too.

There was a little confusion with the different codes included in their monthly emails. Think of it like this… The CLASS DISCOUNT CODE is the code used to get your class for FREE!  The HOSTESS CODE is used on my Stampin’ Up! ordering site– it connects the order to the hostess for that code.  Let’s call this the STAMPIN’ UP! CODE, that’s it.

One other perk that my HOSTESS CLUB MEMBERS get is preferred pricing.  Aside from the FREE CLASS and FREE HOSTESS REWARDS they also get YEAR ROUND (for as long as they are a current club member) PREFERRED PRICING!  This guarantees them a lower price on ALL CLASSES* that I offer, with the only exception being the TOTAL PACKAGE class options.

As you can see being a MEMBER OF MY HOSTESS CLUB really does have it’s rewards… oh yeah, that’s another benefit- each month they submit a club order they automatically get a REWARD STAMP on their REWARD CARD, which earns them even more FREE STUFF!!  Get in on the CLUB TODAY, there are only 2 spots left for the group starting in Sept.  These spaces go quick, if you want to JOIN TODAY- CLICK HERE and if you have questions EMAIL ME or CALL ME anytime 210-376-7639.

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