“Thanks” with MDS2

Go from PLAIN to POW!!!  Want to learn how to take a flat card to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL?? I want to share with you how an easy addition will give you a WOW project.  I used a template card from my MDS2 to create a BUNCH of Thank You cards…
 But, of course a flat card is a 4 letter word in my book, LOL!! Get it? It IS a 4 letter word, and it is as naughty as a 4 letter word, HAHAHA!  Sometimes I just crack myself up! Ok, I digress… so when I saw this template I LOVED the colors and the images, I loved the template and I knew what I would do to kick it up a notch!  I got myself a slew of the large pearls and cracked open my sharpies-
 I strategically placed them on my card front and BAM, a whole NEW look!  I love the height and the SHIMMER and the texture and the interest that it gives to the card.  With just a few simple embellishments you can take a quick simple card and make it a beautiful over the top card!
You should try MDS2 for yourself and test out the AMAZING templates that you have to use.  You can test out MDS2 for 30 DAYS FOR FREE!!! Play around with it, print one out and add a few embellishments and see what you think.  It’s so easy and simple, and honestly a life saver when you are in a crunch- it is TOTALLY worth it!

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