Tags 4 You For My Team Members

I have a few things in the works for my Downline coming soon, and one of these things that I have planned are some project tutorial.  I decided to work from a sketch that I found at Deconstructed Sketch to create this sample, here is ONE of the projects that I will be providing to them-
Stampin' Up! Holly Jolly Tags 4 You Card created by Hand Stamped Style, THANKS for checking out my PIN for more info visit my BLOG and FACEBOOK PAGE, http://www.facebook.com/handstampedstyle
I decided to take several challenge sketches and create some sample projects using the Tags 4 You set from the Holiday catalog.  It is a great set, that is also offered as a bundle and making cards for all Holidays is easy with this set.  So each of my team members will be getting a tutorial for the four cards I created for them.  They can choose to recreate these cards for their classes or for themselves.
Stampin' Up! Holly Jolly Tags 4 You Card created by Hand Stamped Style, THANKS for checking out my PIN for more info visit my BLOG and FACEBOOK PAGE, http://www.facebook.com/handstampedstyle
 If YOU decide to JOIN MY TEAM you will get the tutorial and a sample project kit inside YOUR WELCOME KIT, each NEW Team Member gets this.  With the project kit YOU will be able to see how I package and prep my personal class kits, so if holding classes is something that interests YOU- then these sample kits are a great way to get going in the right direction.  Not only will YOU get this and 3 other cards in your WELCOME KIT, but I also include business boosting supplies that will help you build your business.
If you would be interested in becoming a Demonstrator just to get a great discount on AWESOME product, then I would love to share this project kit with you as a gift, and YOU could make this and 3 other card samples for yourself- either way you end up with some really CUTE projects!
PLUS right now (only until the end of this month) you can get a FREE PROJECT KIT from Stampin’ Up! included in your STARTER KIT!! So for just a $99 investment you can get over $155 in Stampin’ Up! merchandise! 
DID YOU KNOW THAT I HAVE A WAY THAT YOU CAN EARN YOUR KIT FOR FREE?!  Yep, I do! Check out the post I wrote HERE with all the details on how!
Want to talk a little more about JOINING MY TEAM and if it is right for you? I am sure you have lots of questions, and I would LOVE to chat and give you all the answers you are looking for.  I know some might be leery about contacting me for fear that I will hound you until you sign up, or badger you until you cave…  
Let me share a quick story with you, a few years ago I signed up with another Direct Sales company to sell Make-Up and the gal that I signed under wouldn’t let up… she constantly bombarded me with emails, phone calls, and texts about doing more business and getting more recruits, etc.  She bothered me to the point that I would go OUT of my way to discourage people from even buying the product I was now affiliated with.  Needless to say within a couple of weeks of me signing up I dropped and deleted her from my phone.  I was always so frustrated with the fact that this was MY business if that is what I wanted it to be, and it so happened that I ONLY signed up for the personal discount, not to make it a business (as I already had one with Stampin’ Up!). But she made things SO miserable for me that I even decided to STOP using the product line completely because I hated the treatment and overbearing pushiness of this gal.  
I swore then, that I would NEVER treat someone like that (not that I could, I just don’t roll that way).  But I promised myself that I would help those on my TEAM as much or as little as they wanted.  I have some members that go the COSTCO route with their Demonstrator-ship- that is the name I give it :-) Their STARTER KIT is like the membership fee at “Costco”, and with that they get the discount on their Stampin’ Up! products, access to Demo exclusive events and promos, etc.  I also have other TEAM MEMBERS that are Demos to make an income and have a business.  I am here to assist both of them in any way I can, as much or as little as they want.  I share this personal story so that YOU can get to know me a little better and know that if there is one thing I am NOT, it’s pushy or overbearing.  You can feel comfortable contacting me to ask questions, and I will give you my honest answer and opinion and if you feel like becoming a TEAM MEMBER is for you then I would LOVE to have you!

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