Stamping Studio Melt Down

I don’t know about you, but when my studio gets SO MESSY and resembles an episode of HOARDERS I start to FREAK!!  I get anxious, and ALL the creativity drains out of my body.  Well that was yesterday for me.  I went to bed Thursday night and thought, “I don’t even WANT to go back into my studio…” and that just isn’t normal.  My family normally has to drag me out of there…
So I decided that Friday was going to be my “GET IT DONE” DAY, so after I came home from the gym I dug right in!  Let me share some BEFORE & AFTER pics with you- If you are one of my FACEBOOK FANS you saw my progress, but if you aren’t (and now I am crying…) then here is what you missed- YOU SHOULD BE A FAN!!!
This is my cutting station behind my work space, it looks like a DUMPING GROUND in the BEFORE photo- and in the AFTER you can see ALL my paper scraps, which “runneth over”, I need to take all the little pieces and punch out various shapes just to get rid of them… in time.
Here is my work station… I had done a few projects in a short time frame and got lazy about putting away my items after each one… which I normally do, but not this week!  This makes me SOOOO anxious!  Oh how I love the AFTER though…. makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside (it calms my OCD tendencies, LOL!!)
Here is the space just in front of my work table… I call this my “CATCH ALL” or at least for the last few weeks it has been!  With the LHP Fundraiser prep and my HOSTESS CLUB orders coming in, it’s been a busy spot in my studio. In the AFTER it is better but not completely put away, just yet, I still have some LHP Packets to complete and mail out (there are still some available to purchase if you would like!!- Get all the details about the projects HERE, just select the CAMP KITS when checking out)
This table is not normally out, but I have a SLEW of sets that myself and my customers want to sell… so while I wait for the weather to warm up (consistently) so I can have my RUBBER SALE– I have them out for people to peruse when they come to class… however it has turned into a dumping station as well… not a good look!  I just love how nice and next and perfectly aligned everything is in my AFTER pic!
Lastly, I have my work area… this is the one that tends to be used on a MUCH more frequent and daily basis. My before pic was HORRIBLE!! I had stacks and piles of paper everywhere… I couldn’t take it any longer! This was the straw that broke my back… so it is where I started.
I have to say that I was able to get A LOT done… I not only cleaned the entire room and organized it at the same time, but I put away 2 supply orders (which were BIG) that had been floating around my office for over a month… I installed an additional ribbon holder (which I have been meaning to do for over a month as well…) I vacuumed, which I won’t admit to how long its been since the last time…
I felt so good when I was done, but then realized that it had taken me ALL day!! Wha????

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