2014-15 Stampin’ Up! Catalog Tour!

I am SO excited each time I look through the NEW Stampin’ Up! Catalog, there are SO many awesome ideas and samples and the best part is that you can truly tell they put SO much thought and prep behind this publication- it’s practically perfect in every way!!

I was so happy about MANY of the things that Stampin’ Up! put into this catalog that I made a CATALOG TOUR VIDEO for you to help point them out.  I hope that you enjoy this video, if you are viewing this post through your email then CLICK HERE to view the video from my blog.

Stampin' Up! 2014 Catalog Tour Video http://www.handstampedstyle.com


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You will want to check out what I have to share there over the weekend and next week. I spent the last 2 days recording videos… needless to say I am TIRED!!  With yesterday being the real FIRST DAY of summer, and my poor kids having to adhere to my work schedule they didn’t have much fun- SO today we are having a SWIM day.  I will be posting pics of this on my FACEBOOK PAGE as well… my kids are growing up SO fast and I want to enjoy every moment!

Having said that if you notice that there are not posts up EVERY DAY know that I am doing one of two things, ENJOYING TIME WITH MY KIDS or WORKING LIKE CRAZY on a new project or video.  However for days like that you can always rely on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL to keep you busy, LOL!!  I have SO much awesome stuff in there!

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