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I have the MOST AWESOME story for you today… and the best part- IT’S ALL TRUE!!!  I had the pleasure of submitting a Hostess Club order yesterday for one of my funniest hostesses, and her HOSTESS REWARDS were so amazing I had to share it with the rest of you!!  I am always amazed at how this Hostess is able to RAKE in the rewards… EVERY TIME!!! She really knows how to get the biggest BANG for her Hostess Club BUCK!!

A Hostess Club takes ALL the work out of earning FREE HOSTESS REWARDS!

A Hostess Club takes ALL the work out of earning FREE HOSTESS REWARDS!

Let me just start by saying if Michelle (my Hostess Club Hostess) was actually the one in the photo above her arms would be filled with WAY more products than pictured… let me start at the beginning.

FIRST off… before I share her story, let me tell you what exactly a Hostess Club is, for those of you who are NEW to me, my site, or to Stampin’ Up!  The HSS Hostess Club work in a very simple way-a club is made up of 6 members, and each member submits and order of $35 (before ship/tax) every other month for the term of 12 months.  Each club member is assigned as the Hostess for one of the 6 club months.

THEN… I do the work to pool together the 6 club members and collect the orders and each of the club members gets a FREE CLASS TUTORIAL each month that they submit a Hostess Club order, and get the option to receive the project kit for the free class tutorial sent to them.  Of course each club member gets FREE catalogs, each time one is released, sent to them directly- no shipping fee or anything.  PLUS, Hostess Club members get an exclusive invite to my Hostess Appreciation Party (and if the club members don’t live locally they get all the goodies and project kits sent to them directly) which is a highly anticipated event!!

FINALLY… when each Hostess Club member is the “Hostess” they earn at least $30 of Hostess Rewards (to get FREE catalog products), BUT if the Hostess does a little self promotion they can earn WAY MORE!

Now, my Hostess Club member Michelle has been a Club member for a while, in fact she has been a hostess 3 or 4 times so far… so I have to say that she has really perfected the art of being a Hostess, BUT I share this story with you so you can learn from her perfection!  First off, each time Michelle is going to be a hostess she calls, emails, and Facebooks her friends and family and lets them know that she is the Hostess and if they want to support her they can place an ONLINE ORDER through my site using her specific Hostess Code.  She got several orders this way that went towards her grand club total.  Keep in mind that there are only 5 other people in her club and each of them ordered just over the minimum hostess club requirement, BUT she had several friends and family members submit orders as well.

When her grand total was calculated she was able to RACK UP $130+ in FREE HOSTESS REWARDS!!  TOTALLY SERIOUS, not kidding!!  Every time she is a Hostess her REWARDS are always over $100.  This about this for a moment…  first look at the HOSTESS REWARDS CHART

Get these rewards without having to Host an in home party!

Get these rewards without having to Host an in home party!

So for Michelle to get the $130+ she would have had to place an $800 product order all on her own… can you see the AWESOME BENEFITS of being in a Hostess Club?  By being a member of the HSS HOSTESS CLUB she has the help of other club members (and friends and family) to help her get TONS OF FREE PRODUCT!!

Now each of the club members have the same opportunity to get the same amount in FREE HOSTESS REWARDS when it is their assigned Hostess month.  Will you be one of those Hostesses?  Believe it or not I have just 2 spots left for the club that starts in JANUARY- will you be the next Michelle?  It is WAY easier than you think!!!

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