Sorry For The Tease…

I apologize in advance… it will be another few days before I can post again… PLEASE DON’T HATE ME!!!  I have cried all the tears I have, yelled to the point that I ALMOST don’t have a voice, hit my computer so many times it actually HUMS now… I have officially thrown my hands in the air and called it a day.  I have called in the big guns and by doing so I have to step away from this hot mess while they hopefully work their magic and debug and remove the GUNK that’s gummin’ up the works here!  I plan on keeping my mojo going over on FACEBOOK, so again- please join me there until this place goes from ghetto to FAB!!


  1. Paulina Camacho says:

    I love love your new website. It is kind-a classy… Very trendy. It is coming, little by little; soon it will up and running the way you want.

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