Something Special This Way Comes…

Happy Saturday Stampers! If you have been following my blog for any amount of time you probably know that I STINK at keeping secrets, when I have something up my sleeve it is TORTURE for me to keep I under wraps.  I can barley contain myself, which is why it’s probably a good thing that I am traveling this weekend and won’t be tempted to spill the beans.  I am sure by know you are a little intrigued and bewildered… What could I possibly have in mind?

New Picture (5)


I am busy putting together a little somethin’-somthin’ for my MAILING LIST MEMBERS, I will share more about this SPECIAL GIFT on Monday!

Ok, so before I totally lose all self control let me move onto another topic.  I am sure that some of you have noticed (cause I can’t shut up about it) the new look and design of my BLOG! I am thrilled with how things turned out and although I am still tweaking a few things (like my GINORMOUS PayPal buttons!) for the most part things are up and running as usual.  HOWEVER, some of you may not be able to find the things that you were used to getting to, so I wanted to give you a little TOUR if you will of the new house, LOL!!

First up- My NEW Header!  yes, I think it’s pretty too, but the important part is the NEW DROP DOWN MENU that is now here instead of on my sidebar as before.  I know it’s hard to see in THIS image, but look up at the actual header and you will see the new menu in that SOLID teal bar at the top.  Simply hover over the topic desired and if there are additional pages to view under that topic, they will appear as a drop down.

Simple Blog header created using My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! by Hand Stamped Style, THANKS for checking out my PIN for more info visit my BLOG and FACEBOOK PAGE

Next up- we have the BEST way to stay informed and receive EXCLUSIVE things from me, and that’s to JOIN MY MAILING LIST (remember I mentioned I have something for them on Monday…). In my RIGHT SIDEBAR at the very top you will see this:

New Picture (7)When you fill out this form, you JOIN MY MAILING LIST.  Membership has it’s privileges… not only do you get awesome Newsletters each month from me FILLED with awesome projects and info, but you also get EXCLUSIVE OFFERS from me throughout the year!!  If you haven’t joined yet- don’t wait JOIN NOW!!

Then we have the new items in my sidebar, I admit that I am SUPER excited about these… first up just below my MAILING LIST FORM you will see all the different ways to stalk follow me.  Simply click on the buttons there and you will be sent to the site where you can LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, FOLLOW, or contact me!

New Picture (4)Just below that we have my NEWEST and MOST LOVED, CLASS CALENDAR!!! If you follow me on Facebook then you saw the update I did about this as soon as i got it up and running.  I am still trying to complete ALL the classes for my calendar (there is one more to add for 10/26) but I wanted you to know about it in case you overlooked this JEWEL!!

New PictureIt might be sort of hard to see in this image (plus Sept. doesn’t have much in it, check out OCT.) but the dates that have events assigned to them are highlighted in teal.  You can navigate to different months by clicking on them below the calendar.  You can hover over the dates that are highlighted and if there is just one event the name of that event will appear next to your cursor.  If you click on that date then you will be taken to the details page for that event, and SOON (if not already) you will be able to register right from that page!! I am still learning about an additional widget for that capability, but I am getting quick at this!

I have a few more things I am going to add onto my site, but for right now this is the important stuff!! I hope that you can find your way around a little better and if there is something that you miss or can’t find please drop me a note!


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