Soda Pop Top Necklace Charm For My TEAM!!

The first SATURDAY of each month is a special day… do you know what that day represents??  Well if you were a HAND STAMPED STYLE TEAM MEMBER you would know!!
The first Sat. each month is our monthly Team Meeting!!  This month we had a great and motivating meeting, I was so happy to award several members of my Team Members with prizes for promotions, recruiting and sales goals!  I have the BEST TEAM!!! 
We had a tax professional come in and talk to us about that one thing that stresses any business owner- TAXES!!  She was great and helped us figure out how to get organized and on track for this year and assist us with the returns for 2012- it was awesome!!  One of my Team Members share with us all a COOL technique from MDS2- I am totally trying it and will share with you later this week a projects using that technique!!  Then to top off the meeting I shared with my team a FUN tip and technique… we made this- (It’s a necklace, LOL!)
These adorable bottle caps are SO fun to create with!!  They are sturdy but still malleable and great for ALL kinds of projects!! We used the CARRY ON HOSTESS SET to embellish the middle, these images are the PERFECT size to fit in a 1″ punch for the center of the large bottle caps.
If you look close you can see that we flattened out the edges of the cap… this is the technique I shared with the team, I have a video on how you can achieve this effect with REAL bottle caps- the setting to create this effect with the Stampin’ Up! soda pop tops is slightly different.  I will post a video on that this week for you! I also added some SPARKLE!! WHOOHOOO!!
I include ALL my TEAM MEMBERS, no matter if the live locally or not- we are all a team and I am so thrilled when anyone and everyone on my team succeeds!!  I am here to help each of them accomplish their personal goals, whatever those goals are.  For each person they are different.  We talk about our individual goals at todays meeting as well. We will help motivate and cheer each other on at each meeting and celebrate those victories as they come.
If you have ever considered joining Stampin’ Up! and becoming a Demonstrator then you would enjoy this informative video.  I share with you the in’s and out’s of JOINING MY TEAM, how to join, what’s required, and how you can make your business work for you.  I am always here to answer questions, discuss with you what your goals are and help you come up with a plan to accomplish those goals.  I am not going to PUSH you to run your business any other way than YOUR WAY.  I am not that kind of leader… who wants that??
Have questions about joining?  Not sure if joining is right, but think it might be for you?  CONTACT ME– we will talk about the reality of being a member of my team, what your goals-questions-and hopes are by being a Demo… then you can decide if JOINING is for you.  I am a NO PRESSURE kind a gal!  I will be honest too- I will share with you the “true” amount of work to get the goals you have in mind accomplished… I believe in what I do and the amazing company that Stampin’ Up! is and the opportunity it give people.  If this is something you would like to know more about then let’s talk.

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