So Much To Share, Don’t Know Where To Start…

WOW- so there has been a LOT going on lately… although you wouldn’t know that based off the infrequency of my posting here, LOL!!  I sent out a small email update last week, so you all wouldn’t think I died… but rather than putting everyone’s mind at ease, it triggered a “Oh, Erin I hope things get better response”.  I am SOOOO thankful to have SO many caring readers, I honestly didn’t know that anyone would even notice my absence.  So here it is… I am spilling ALL the beans…

I hesitated to do so, here – on this blog because it’s meant for my creative outlet, but I am realizing that you all enjoy learning about and hearing about me as a person, that makes me cry! :-)  So I am sharing it all with you.  To think back almost 4 months ago… my life has been a whirlwind of events.  I had a dear neighbor that passed away suddenly in Feb. it was shocking and pulled me from my life schedule, I feel for our dear friends and their daughter and spent time helping out where I could.  Shortly after that, another friend of mine had a close friend of hers murdered due to domestic violence, oddly enough her dear friend was an acquaintance of mine here in my neighborhood.  That was shocking as well, this devastating situation left her 2 children (7 & 10) motherless, I was friendly with her and knew of her kids as they are only a few years younger than mine.  Those tragic life events made me refocus myself to my family and re-evaluate my schedule.

I also decided, that after packing on almost 10 lbs over the holidays, (as hard as I tried not to) that I would take the plunge and decided to become a BEACHBODY COACH.  I needed some help, something to get me back on track.  It has changed my life, and NO I am not being dramatic.  So I shed that weight (and then some) in less than a month and others began to notice, and I began to assist others in their weight loss and fitness journey.  Here are some of the women I am helping- it’s SO rewarding!!


My good friend Reka Janisse, the woman holding that sweet baby girl) joined with me and together we are changing peoples lives.  We host monthly challenges (which are more like support groups) and teach our challenge members how to eat clean, become healthy and ultimately become a better version of themselves.  Reka and I also started our FUN FIT CHICKS group on Facebook, which is a great loving community of supportive like minded peeps that help to inform and uplift others.  We also launched our FFCX YOUTUBE CHANNEL where you can workout along with us, doing our class routines.

It’s been SOOOO rewarding!! These ladies, many of them, thought weight loss was unattainable for many reasons and we have been able to show them that it is achievable!! But it’s kept me much busier than I had expected.  So how has that or will that change things.  Well not a whole lot, most of my coaching is done during the day while I am at the gym anyway.  As you may know I spend a lot of time there anyway, LOL!!  But what has changed is the time I spend with my family.

Because my focus is readjusted to family time I have decided to reduce my class schedule somewhat and I am limiting my number of Hostess Clubs as well.  These choices were not made for any other reason than to give me more time with my husband and kids.  I realized that in just a few short years both my kids will be moving on to college and their lives and NOW is the time I have to spend with them.  So although you may not see as many events or classes on my schedule don’t fret, you will still be able to get your creativity on in the classes I have remaining.

Wow, I know that’s a LOT… I told you I had been busy. :-)  There are LOTS of great things coming up with Stampin’ Up! though, and although I won’t be posting as much as I have in the past you will be able to get ALL of my updates and important deets from my emails, if you are not a MAILING LIST MEMBER then you may not see them- but you can become a member anytime and it’s FREE!!  I won’t be blasting your inbox, don’t worry. I send out updates and promos a couple times a month and never share your info with anyone!!  CLICK HERE TO JOIN TODAY!

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