Sneak Peek Gift!

As I run around for the next several days, feverishly getting ready to head off to LEADERSHIP with Stampin’ Up! I thought it would be fun to give something to ALL my MAILING LIST MEMBERS!!  I have just a quick peek for you today…
If you are already a member of my Mailing List then this coming Thursday you will get a FREE GIFT from me!!  If you aren’t on my Mailing List yet and want to get this FREE GIFT then just join… It’s SIMPLE and FREE to become a member- CLICK HERE to join my mailing list- don’t worry I HATE spam too, that isn’t what you will get!
Members of my mailing list get all kinds of benefits- they are the first ones to know about specials and sales, they get exclusive offers and treats from me! They also get my monthly Newsletter which is CHUCK-FULL of great things for any avid crafter!
Take a moment and get in the group, and you too will get my FREEBIE for the members!!  Join before 1:30 CST on Thursday and you will get YOURS!!

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