Sneak Peak #6

So, as you have noticed in previous posts that I am HORRIBLE at surprises…and I can no longer take the suspense I am holding myself in (and I know what these projects look like…) So here are all the Sneak Peaks that I had lined up for the next several days, but I just can’t take it any more! I am working on the full picture of the Workshop items and hope to have something to show you tomorrow or Thursday. This project sample to great for a note…some clue, huh? You can make it at the Workshop event for just $20.

This I think is my favorite Mini project. It is simple, fast and a GREAT giftable item!!! Can you guess what Holiday it is for?? Just kidding, this is the tip of the top, yes that is a clue. :) You can make this project for just $2.00, for that price I am sure you will want to make several!

These are a great item, SUPER easy and quick. This project has a more sophisticated appearance and will be a favorite of many, I am sure! Chocolates are not the only thing you will want with this project…ok, so my clue giving skills are a bit pooped out- and I still have more to come. hehe! This project is only $3.00 each and is a great deal for the cargo space.

This project is great for anytime of the year, it packs a punch and says, WOW! Plus with care you can use it over and over and who doesn’t like re-usable gifts. This one is also super fast to make and fun to give! You can make this project for just $4.00 each. Make several and keep them around for when you need a giftable item spur of the moment! It is always nice looking as if you are ALWAYS prepared- right?

Finally, I love this one for the simple fact that it is simplistic and elegant. I can fill it with the joys of the season and everyone who gets one with feel the peace and joy it brings. This project will also give you the chance to see some of the different ways to use cool products that Stampin‘ Up! offers as well. You can make this project for just $10.00 each. I will tell you everyone will WANT this giftable item!
Don’t forget that tomorrow I will unveil the FREE gift item that you will have the chance to make at the Workshop. How do you get one?? Well it is easy, simply RSVP and bring a friend that is NOT ALREADY on my mailing list to the Giftable Workshop wither in Sept. or Oct. and for every person you bring you will get to make a FREE project, how great is that! Simply email me to RSVP at and I will give you all the info you need to get your registration in for the different projects you want. To see a list of the projects NOW visit my websites PROJECTS page and see the details for the Giftable Workshop. Hoped you like the peak and see you again soon!

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