Sneak Peak #5

I am trying to complete every last project for the Giftable Workshop in September, but as I try to complete things I think of more and at some point I have to stop my self. This is an adorable project that you can have the opportunity to make at the workshop, and would be something Santa would love to see on Christmas Eve. That is the attempt at your clue for this item for today. I am getting worse and worse at the clues, and if you know me you understand that my natural tendency is to just come out and SAY IT! But I am trying to keep the guessing alive.
This project can be made for just $7 at the Workshop. If you would like to attend simply email me at and I will get you a full list of items right away (I will post those in the upcoming weeks)
Don’t forget that if you bring a friends that is NOT already on my mailing list that you will get to make a FREE project as a thank you. I hope to see you there!

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