Sneak Peak #3

I think this is one of my favorite projects that we will have the chance to make at my Giftable Workshop. You probably know by now that I HATE teases or what some people call surprises…OK, so I do like them but I am not one for suspense. I was always the kid that shook their Christmas presents trying to figure out what was inside. However, the thrill of Christmas morning was indescribable. Riping off all that wrapping paper and discovering whats inside was exhilarating!

Having said that, I try and justify the “sneak peaks” in my own head since I struggle with the “inner turmoil” that my OCD creates for me. I loved this project, I know that in the pic there is a solid background but when you make it you will have “sweetness” as your giftable project. That is the clue for today’s project.

This project will be available to make for just $10, and this is something EVERYONE would love to receive. If you have questions about or want to RSVP for the workshop just email me at Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak and see you again soon!


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