Simple Piano Card

I LOVE today’s project, and can’t wait to share with you what I created! I got a special request from a friend of mine to create a specific card for her friend, she purchased some items to go into a care package for her friend and wanted a specialty card to go with it all.  She said that her friend used to play and write his own music, but doesn’t anymore and wanted to inspire him to do it once again…
So she asked for a piano card that would suit this gift.  So I thought about it and then it came to me in the shower (I had a really productive and inspiring shower…) for what kind of card to create!
I thought making a baby grand of sorts would be absolutely fitting!

When my friend explained to me her “theme” of sorts for this gift I knew exactly what sentiment I would use, I LOVE this sentiment from the BRAND NEW set- REALLY GOOD GREETINGS.  I used some white embossing powder and heat set it to give it that glossy sheen to kind of mimic the shine of a piano

I LOVE how this simple but fantastic card turned out.  The hardest part of this project is giving it to her without putting BLING on this! I seriously felt like I was going through withdraw when I packaged it up with NOTHING… it just didn’t feel normal- BUT I knew this card was for a guy (and even it it wasn’t) aside from COVERING the entire piano with GLITTER…ummmm, (but then it would be a card for LIBERACE!!)
I was so excited to create something so specific and exclusive for my friend, which reminded me of the exclusive items that I I offer to my MAILING LIST MEMBERS.  There are so MANY different reasons why being a MEMBER OF MY MAILING LIST is so awesome!  In just a few more days I am sending out another free  EXCLUSIVE project for my LIST MEMBERS!! Will you be getting it? JOINING is free AND when you JOIN NOW you will get a couple of additional benefits- some EXCLUSIVE discount offers!!


  1. Ann Neulicht says:

    I love this card.

    Do you have a template for the front? How did you make the keyboard?

    • Erin Gonzales says:

      Hi Ann, I don’t have a template, I fee-handed it and the keys were created with white strips of card stock and black punched pieces from the window word punch. I am so glad you like it :-) It really wasn’t hard to make it.
      ~Erin Gonzales

  2. Anonymous says:

    You KNOCKED this one outta the park!! Sometimes Plain & Simple (maybe not so simple?) is most striking! Good job Erin!

  3. sandi idar says:

    Wow, this card is great and it shows so much imagination. Great job I love the card.

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