Simple Cards Are AWESOME!!

The SIMPLE CARD CLASS for May is a little different than previous months, it’s all about making your cards “PERSONAL” and there’s a little “Smorgasbord” of choices! What in the world do I mean by that??  Let me give you a little hint, we are focusing on the design and “backdrop” of a card this month, with a little twist- check the class details out!

Simple Card Class for May by

Add you personal sentiment this month!

First off, I LOVE THESE COLORS!! They are BRIGHT and CHEERY and honestly perfect for and gender recipient, cause REAL MEN like pink too!  Let me show you what I mean for the card projects… tell me if you can find what is NOT there-

Simple Card Class for May by

This one has a FUN technique that you will LOVE!!

Simple Card Class for May by

Cupcakes are not just for birthdays…

Simple Card Class for May by

Fun card with multiple techniques!

Simple Card Class for May by

Oh fringe scissors, how I love thee, let me count the ways….

They are simple, they are quick, and they are SUPER CUTE!!  The three most important ingredients in making cards, in my opinion.  So will YOU be creating with me in May?  Did you see what was missing?  Go ahead, take another look…


That is the FUN twist to the class, each attendee will have a TON of sentiments for them to select from, so each class member can make cards that THEY need for now and with these layouts they work with SO many different sentiments.  Selecting sentiments will honestly be the hardest part for class members, LOL!!

Want to register for this LOCAL CLASS? GREAT!! Just use the registration button below, and remember that the ONLINE CLASS and/or PROJECT KIT version will be available after May 1st.


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