Show Some LOVE!

Remember those days when we used to create handmade cards for our parents or our friends and Teachers?  What happened to those days, aside from crazy busy lives?? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create some sweet handmade Valentines gifts, cards or even home decor?
Check these out~
This would be a great project to create for your kids class as a Valentine, right? I mean you don’t have to worry about peanut allergies or too much sugar, LOL!! These little chap stick books are SO easy and fun to create!!
These sweet cards would be great for your spouse, or even as corny as it sounds, a friend!  I am woman enough to tell my girl friends that, yes- I LOVE YOU!! I would send these to almost anyone, I think thats partly cause I LOVE sending handmade cards! LOL!!!

I think this framed piece is probably my FAV!!  I love the colors and I am letting my daughter keep it in her room, she helped me pick out the frame and helped me design this project and she loves that she was able to create something so stunning!
The best part about ALL theses projects is that YOU can make them too!!  If you are a member of my VIRTUAL CLUB you will get this virtual class in JAN. FOR FREE!!  If you want to learn how you can become a member of this club, CLICK HERE– if you join by the 10TH you too can get in on this class for FREE!!! There are even more projects that come in this class- check them ALL out HERE!

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