I am SO happy to share these special cards with you today!  Over the last week I have received several card, that totally warms my heart!! I loved each one and am dying to share them- check these out!
This FUN card is from D Sparks and she sent me a Thank You for sending her a catalog- I just love simple designs that have a POP of color! Plus it has a RHINESTONE, squeal!!!!
 I loved this, and to think that she took time out of her schedule to not just make me a card but to write a note and send it to me, I love that!  Thank you!!

I got this Thank You card from one of my local stampers Dianne M. and I LOVE it!!  I love how she created texture with the background using stamps,
 Then she punched out the ITTY-BITTY BUTTERFLY shape from different designer paper pattern- and then inside each one- MORE RHINESTONES!!!! WHOOOHOOOO!!!

This card is from one of my FAV friends, Krista Jensen, she and I have all kinds of shenanigans during Convention- if you follow me on FACEBOOK you know exactly what we were up to!
This sweet gal sent me this card to wish me a Happy Birthday, AWE- Thanks Krista!
 She used the GORGEOUS GRUNGE set for the background, LOVE THAT SET!! I love the SILVER GLIMMER PAPER too, it’s almost like two Rhinestones got together and had a baby!

Last but definitely NOT least, this wonderful BIRTHDAY CARD!  This was sent to me by one of my dearest stamping friends, Paulina C.  I have featured a couple of her other projects on my FACEBOOK PAGE before.  Like many of my other stampers, she felt like she had no “creativity” or skill for making cards when she first started coming to my classes.  Within the last 2 years, almost 3 now, she has become such an artist!
 Like Paulina, many other stampers have gained such confidence in their card making skills and have really taken to heart the tips I have shared with them over the years that help remove the intimidation they used to find in stamping.
I am SO blessed and can’t say it often enough- I have THE best stamping friends EVER!!!  Sometimes I think it isn’t a big deal to send out or include a handmade thank you card for your business, but when I got these I was so overcome with warm fuzzies!
Pop over to my FACEBOOK PAGE and check out a couple more show-n-tell projects I have to share, I am always SO proud to brag about my stampers, nothing makes me feel better than when a stamping friend shares with me the projects they work on at home.  I feel like a PROUD MOMMA each time, LOL!!  I know it sounds silly, but I am truly thrilled when I see others stamping on their own and not just in my classes- although I love to see them there too :-)


  1. Since mine was a CASE from something a friend CASEd, I thought you might have a pair. No problem.

    PS: I won one of your contests, and you sent me a lovely package of goodies. Thanks again for those.

  2. Wow, Denise C. and I sent you the same card. How amazing is that. Now you have a pair.
    Happy stamping,
    D Sparks

    • OMG I screwed that up SOOOOO bad!! See what I get for posting so late at night, I wrote Denise and meant to list D Sparks :(

      Just to clarify while I was typing the post I wrote Debbie in all over the place where I meant to write DIANNE! I even kept the envelope to be sure I didn’t screw that up, so much for my efforts, LOL!!

      THANK YOU SO MUCH D for the sweet card, I LOVED IT!!!

  3. Wow, Denise C. and I sent you the same card. How amazing is that. Now you have a pair.
    Happy Stamping,
    D Sparks

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can’t take full credit for the card. I saw the idea on Pinterest. However, I credit Erin with motivating me to be creative.

    Thanks, Erin.
    Dianne M.

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