Saturday Share- SPOILER ALERT!!

I want to warn some of my readers before I share my project with you today… if you were a helper at my Stamp Camp Fundraiser for the LITTLE HEROES PROM- STOP READING!!! I want or would like my Thank You gift to you to be somewhat of a surprise 😉 HOWEVER if you are NOT one of those individuals I want to share with you this ADORABLE project!!
I had 6 helpers at my Stamp Camp Fundraiser and I wanted a way to say THANK YOU not just for helping me that day, manning a project, making food, gathering registrants, selling raffle tickets, and SO much more!! Mandie (my NEWEST Hand Stamped Style Crew Member) had these adorable aprons that we all wore, but they were her’s for work- BAM! It hit me, we all need aprons for this event next year. So I approached her Mom (who made them) and she made several for me- check out how CUTE they are!! Mine is in the center :-)

I LOVE the ruffles on all of them, there are 4 pockets in each apron- they are JUST ADORABLE!!! Want one of your own? Contact me and I will put your in contact with the seamstress!

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  1. These photos do not do the aprons ONE BIT OF JUSTICE! But I do love Marlowe’s poses! I wore my apron tonight and got several compliments.

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