Sandy Hook, Our Prayers Are With YOU!

No creative project today… I have been thinking the last few days, reflecting on the events that have taken place in CT.  Although, thankfully, I have no family members involved in the horrifying event at Sandy Hook BUT it somehow affected me more than I could imagine.  I have always had a deep profound respect for teachers.  They are able to do the thing that I could never do, which is to connect and teach children things that they will use for the rest of their lives- to me there is nothing more honorable.  I went to school for a Teaching degree and determined after many years that unfortunately for me, sue to my learning disabilities I couldn’t do what other Teachers can.
I have children that are slightly older than those that lost their lives but I can ONLY imagine what those poor sweet babies were feeling and experiencing during those last frightening moments, it is practically unimaginable.  I have cried so much over the last several days, I don’t think that I have cried this much since my father passed away.  I keep imagining myself in these poor parents shoes and I can’t express how that makes me feel and these are only thoughts for me and not reality.  I have hugged my kids more than ever and I have told them HOW MUCH I LOVE them almost every 5 min over the last several days. I don’t ever want them wondering how I feel if, God forbid, something like Sandy Hook ever happened to us.
This weekend one of my amazing stampers shared with me a quote that she had heard from the late Mr. Rogers who touched on what to do in times of disasters, “Look for the helpers, You will always find people who are helping”.  I think at this time those of us who feel like we want to contribute, help or DO SOMETHING- but what?  We can, we can send a kind word, a voice of encouragement, a few sentences of love to those families and kids that have been affected by this tragedy-
Take a moment and send a card to share your feelings of love and support with those that are suffering.  Take some time to count your many blessings, name them one by one… I know I will be today!

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