Rubber Stamps For Sale

If you happen to follow me on FACEBOOK then you might have seen that I added a new ALBUM yesterday… I am in the process of the last phase of helping my customers find new homes for their retired stamp sets.  I have done several craft shows this season and sold several of them.  There are less than 70 sets left, and I will be adding a few more items over the next few days.  I want to make these sets available to YOU!!!

Check out the ALBUM to see all that are available.

Check out the ALBUM to see all that are available.

Check out my FACEBOOK PAGE and open the STAMPS FOR SALE ALBUM and you can see the sets that are available.  Each set is labeled with it’s title and individual price, you can see a pic of each set as well.  There is a flat rate for shipping of $6, if you want to purchase more than one set, simply email me your request and I can send you a shipping quote with combined shipping.  I will send PayPal invoices to those who want to purchase and then sets will be shipped out as invoices are paid.  There are a TON to choose from.

I will be adding a few more items such as wheel stamps, inks and such over the next few days so be sure to check the ALBUM, as items are purchased I will be removing the images from the ALBUM as well.  You might notice that there are duplicate images (same set more than once) that isn’t a mistake, LOL, it just means that there is more than one of that particular set available.  You can SHARE this album with your friends on FACEBOOK as well if you think they might be interested in discounted stamps that can’t be found anywhere!


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