Rubber Stamping Tips

Today I have some simple TIPS for you, which I realized while I was preparing a few things for my upcoming Christmas Party.  Normally I am a very organized and prepared stamper… NOT, so these kinds of tricks and tips I tend to come across in my personal stamping life.  I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures, I took them with my phone without my normal lighting kit…

Have you ever seen a SUPER cute project on Pinterest and thought, I TOTALLY want to make that! Then went through your craft room and realized that you didn’t have the supplies needed to complete the project the way that it is pictured… YEAH, ME TOO!  It was going through that exact scenario today, for multiple projects, that helped me come up with these tips.

TIP # 1- Create Your Own Pattern Paper

Run out of Designer Paper, no worries... make your own!

Run out of Designer Paper, no worries… make your own!

So when you find yourself a little short on the DSP (designer series paper) and you need it NOW, simply pull out a piece of Whisper White card stock and a stamp set (preferably all images) and a selection of coordination colors and create your own pattern paper.  I don’t typically keep a great storage selection of DSP, since I don’t use it that often- BUT when I want it, I want it NOW… so I had to create my own!

TIP # 2- Fabric For A Ribbon Substitution…

Fabric makes a great RIBBON substitute!

Fabric makes a great RIBBON substitute!

When you find yourself needing a TON of ribbon, none of which you have on hand… look around for some fabric that can be used instead.  So with this adorable project I have planned, I needed a TON of ribbon… and I don’t have THAT much ribbon on hand at one time, so I started looking around my office for something that would work instead, and I came across a TON of Stampin’ Up! fabric that I had from last year when I made several lanyards.  I cut them into strips and the fabric works FANTASTIC as a ribbon substitute.

I hope that these little tips help you as much as they did me, I am off to complete my Christmas Party preparations and my surprises for my TEAM MEMBERS.  I can’t wait to share with them the FUN treats I have made for them, when I get them shipped out to eery TEAM MEMBER I will share them with you all here.  But until then it’s a surprise!

Do you have crafting conundrums? Got a question or a stamping problem you need assistance with? ASK! I would love to help you out, or crawl inside my brain to see if I can come up with a solution for you.  I would love to start a regular weekly post that answers your questions and help you with your specific issues.  Let’s see who can STUMP Erin, LOL!!


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