Rewards For Your Business

Do you get rewarded for all the purchases you make for Stampin’ Up! products??  Well guess what, MY customers DO!  I LOVE rewarding my loyal customers with a little sumin’-sumin’ and I get the feeling they like it to :-)  If you are new to Hand Stamped Style let me give you a few deets about the program, it’s simple really.

HSS Loyalty Stamps

Get 10 stamps and you get a $35 Gift Certificate.

For every $35 you spend on Stampin’ Up! products (prior ship/tax) you earn a stamp on your REWARD CARD.  Once the card is FULL (10 stamps) you get a $35 gift certificate from ME, Erin Gonzales.  You can use the gift certificate on almost anything… from ONLINE CLASSES to Stampin’ Up! Products.  You can see the FULL details for this program by clicking HERE.

One thing that REWARD MEMBERS always wonder is, “How many stamps do I have?”  Well now I have an easier way to let you know.  I have added a link here on my site where you can download an updated report of your reward card.  This report is updated once a month, on the last day of the month.  So if you check it by the 3rd or 4th of the following month you will get to see the report with your most recent rewards accounted for!

Reward Card Form

Be able to view your rewards anytime!

I have some even AWESOME-ER things planned for this month… with a FUN announcement tomorrow!

Don’t forget that it’s almost time for another STYLE SHEET publication, the August version goes live tomorrow at 2 PM!  If you want to get access the latest version you will want to JOIN MY MAILING LIST, it’s FREE and gets you the most AWESOME things that I have to offer.  Plus, I don’t FILL your inbox with a TON of spam or junk :-) and rest assured I don’t EVER share your info with ANYONE!!

GET IN ON THE HSS REWARDS PROGRAM TODAY & JOIN MY MAILING LIST TODAY to get in on another FAB Style Sheet publication.  Hurry before it’s too late :-)

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