So Many Reasons To Be On Team Hand Stamped Style

I have been a busy Bee lately… hence the reason for THIS and THIS that you may have seen on my FACEBOOK PAGE!  I have been working hard on my upcoming class samples and projects and have to say that I am SUPAH EXCITED to share them with you.  but today I have something else that is AMAZE-BALLS to share… I have a little treat for my TEAM MEMBERS THIS MONTH!!  I haven’t even sent them a note about this yet… so if you are a member of the HAND STAMPED STYLE CREW and are reading this, congrats! This is a benefit of being a TEAM MEMBER and a loyal blog reader, LOL!!

So the month of November is notorious for being SUPER busy for me, with classes and events as well as Craft Shows that I take part in and THIS year is NO different.  So sadly, I have to reschedule the normal TEAM MEETING for November.  I HATE doing that, because I love the motivation and support that we give and get from our fellow team members (local or long distance)!! So to make up for this I am giving my TEAM MEMBERS a surprise gift!

It has something to do with THIS:

Pop & Place is another amazing Photopolymer set that YOU will LOVE!! Wait until you see all the awesome things that see Erin Gonzales with Hand Stamped Style has created using this set! Check out my BLOG and FACEBOOK PAGE today!


I am currently working on (actually finishing up) a ONLINE CLASS featuring the newest POP & PLACE TAGS & STAMP BUNDLE!!!  I am giving EACH OF MY DIRECT TEAM MEMBERS complimentary access to this class!!  It’s going to be awesome!! I want each of my Team Members to know how much I appreciate their hard work and effort.  I love sharing class ideas with my team members, I believe that it helps with inspiration and motivation to get their own classes going!!

There are SO many great things about being on TEAM HSS!! I know how hard it is wanting to be able to do what you love Full Time and not knowing what it takes or where to start, and that is what makes me different than most Demonstrators… I want my Team Members to be as successful as THEY want to be.  I provide tools and proven methods of how to have a successful stamping business and give the power over to my Team Members to RUN with it and be as successful as they want.  I guess what I am trying to say is that I am not, nor will I ever be, one of those people who tries to PUSH my agenda onto YOU! I would HATE that, so I am thinking that you might not like that either, LOL!!

If you have ever thought of having your own Stamping Business, let me help you make that a reality.  We all start small and work our way up, but if you knew someone who could help you avoid those time wasters and pit falls- don’t you think that would help you be successful faster?  It sure does!!  My philosophy has always been, to TEACH a man to fish and not GIVE a man a fish.  So if you are thinking about joining the Stampin’ Up! family and be a member of MY TEAM contact me today and let’s chat.  Believe me there is NO pressure or commitment, we can just talk and see if it’s even a good fit for you and your life style at this point.


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