Does It Really Matter What Kind Of Adhesive Is Used?

Why, YES!! It sure does!

Recently I was asked by one of my newbie stampers, “Does it really matter what kind of glue I use?” At her first class with me we created a gift project with a couple cards and we used a few different styles of adhesive.  Although there were a couple instances where she was a little unsure which to use and why, by the time the end of the class came she was a pro!  In fact even my seasoned stampers were complimenting her on how experienced she seemed, she had the lingo and verbiage down like a pro!  But her comment to me made me think…I bet there are others out there who really don’t get why there are different types of adhesive, and why does it matter that you have them all…

Stampin' Up! AdhesivesSo I am here to help you understand and maybe add a little insight as well.  Who knows, even you more advanced stampers might pick up something you hadn’t heard before??  Let’s start with these shown above, from left to right top to bottom.


New Picture (8)These awesome little gems are perfect for really anything, but as any tried and true paper crafter will tell you- use these only when needed.  There are 300 in a spool but you will be surprised how quickly you can blow through these if you used them for everything.  Mini Glue Dots are excellent for ribbons and fabric, they are super sticky and are great for those embellishments and elements that are a little more bulky or heavy for snail adhesive.  It is also nice and small, double sided adhesive, which is great for buttons and other embellishments.


New Picture (10)Luckily this ones name described it perfectly!  This style of adhesive is very similar to those glue sticks you get for your kids, BUT BETTER!  This adhesive stick is acid free and is perfect for card making and scrapbooking alike.  It is fragrance free and an economical style of adhesive.

Then there is the most widely known STAMPIN’ DIMENSIONALS

New Picture (13)These by far are my FAVORITE and most used style of adhesive.  Now you wouldn’t want to use these to put together an entire project, but believe me I have tried, LOL!  These little hexagons are the easiest way to give your project some lift and 3-D effect.  These sheets are FULL of tons of these double sided sticky hexagons.  Simply peel them off the sheet and apply them to your piece, then peel off the paper backing to expose the other sticky side.  There are 300 of them to a pack, BUT don’t stop there you can snip around the edges and use the outer rim of the sheets too!

Then there is the most widely known SNAIL ADHESIVE

New Picture (12)This adhesive is acid free and great for card making and scrapbooking.  It is in a neat little dispenser and allows your hands to stay sticky free while applying great adhesion.  This tape runner style of adhesive allows you to have great control of where you can apply adhesive.  This style of adhesive is great for card stock and photos, but I wouldn’t recommend using it on embellishments or ribbon.  This adhesive has refill cartridges too, so don’t throw it out when yours runs out!

The Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde of adhesives is the CRYSTAL EFFECTS

New Picture (11)Crystal Effects is a finisher and adhesive all in one… it’s kind of like a shellac and modge-podge got together, and had a baby that is Crystal Effects!  I began using this product simply as a finisher.  What I mean by that is, I used it as an embellishment to create a shiny patten-leather look to my projects when applied.  I might overlay it on a stamped image or create a dotted effect with it on card stock.  But as I used it more and more I came to realize that it is an awesome adhesive too!  It dries fairly quickly and will adhere most non-porous items together.  I use it often to adhere my magnets to my clothes pins for my project magnet board in my office, it works great for those items that are bulky or heavy and would be great when making larger items (maybe home decor items or display style items.)


New Picture (15)This liquid adhesive is Da’ Bomb! I like it for a lot of reason, but the only draw back is that once you get it on your fingers… good luck getting it (or anything you have subsequently touched) off.  Having said that, I love it cause a LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!!  You really don’t need that much for it to hold like denture cream!  This adhesive is malleable for a few seconds then sets up FAST! So you might have a second or two to get your item into place then the glue sets up and there is no moving it without ripping your project.  I love that there is a dual tip to this as well, there is a WIDE end great for larger coverage area and a thinner tip for more control of where and how you apply it.  Remember, JUST A DOT NOT A LOT!!!

the little magic stick is called 2-WAY GLUE PEN

New Picture (9)This glue pen is awesome for a bunch of different projects.  They work great for making envelopes first off, which pairs perfectly with our ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD!!  This glue pen will not only allow you to adhere your custom envelope together BUT you can run a stream of adhesive along the top flap, let dry and it then becomes a flap that can be dampened and adhere down like a store bought envelope!  This glue stick gives your the option of permanent or temporary hold to your projects and is great for stencils and masking techniques.  If you want to reposition your item, you can with this adhesive an it wont ruin your project!

Last but not least, STICKY STRIP!

New Picture (14)Sticky strip is the one adhesive that I can’t live without.  It is surprising to me how many crafters don’t know what this style of adhesive is.  This adhesive is really ideal for those gift projects or 3-D projects.  I always say if you are making the boxes or any type of project that will have tension (you know those projects that work to come apart…) then those are the projects for THIS adhesive!  This huge roll is a GREAT value too, yes you can get this same product at those big box stores- BUT the rolls are almost 1/2 the quantity for the same or MORE in price!  Believe it, Stampin’ Up! once again proves to not just offer a FAB product but at a FAB deal too!  To use apply to your project then peel off the red protective cover and you will see that this tape is double sided sticky! AWESOME!!

If you were in the dark about all the different adhesives and how and why they were important, hopefully this was helpful.  The best part is that when you purchase these or any grouping of these from my ONLINE STORE you could earn STAMPERS REWARDS!! That is just a little way I like to reward my customers for selecting me as their Demonstrator, for every $35 YOU spend with ME as your Demonstrator you earn a stamp on your card.  Once your card is full you get $35 in FREE PRODUCT!!!  Easy as that!!


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