Quick Simple Tips For Making Cards

Do you ever find it tricky to add ribbon to certain spots on your cards and wish you knew of a simple way to work around that frustration? Or do you wish there was an easier way to omit parts of a stamp image without having to use markers?  Well, I have some awesome tips for you today!  In fact there are a few ways that you can use this technique/tip that I am sharing with you today.  I will also be showing you a little sneak peek of my project for tomorrow too!

This tip is great for cards that have ribbon that would need to run through the crease or score fold area which would normally be impossible to do, but with this quick tip it’s a SNAP!  First you want to take a circle punch that is large enough to cover the girth of your ribbon, in this photo I used the 3/4″ circle punch-

Quick and Simple Ribbon Tip http://www.handstampedstyle.com

1. Make a small opening along the score line and only punch out about 1/8″ inch down…

Then you will take the ribbon and feed it through the hole that is on the inside-

Quick and Simple Ribbon Tip http://www.handstampedstyle.com

2. Feed your ribbon through the inside and then it’s possible to have the ribbon run vertical to the card layout.

I also have a quick tip on how to OMIT certain areas of a stamp image when NOT using markers, this is a great tip- cause it makes creating cards SO fast!!  If you are new to stamping then you will come to find out that one of your best tools are POST-ITS!!!  So for the card I am creating for tomorrow I wanted this image (without the sentiment that runs along the bottom) alone and no words.  Let me show you how I did this WITHOUT using markers, cause let’s admit it, stamp pads are just faster!

Quick and Simple Ribbon Tip http://www.handstampedstyle.com

1. Place the sticky portion of the post-it directly onto the area you wish to omit.

Then flip your stamp over and tap it gently on your ink pad to ink up the stamp- the POST-IT remains in this spot the entire time while inking up the image.  THEN once it’s inked up, you will remove the post-it-

Quick and Simple Ribbon Tip http://www.handstampedstyle.com

2. Peel away the post-it with the ink on it away from the stamp BEFORE you stamp down your image.

Then you can stamp the image onto your whisper white card stock without the unwanted items showing up and you can place your sentiment where ever you want on your card, or even use a completely different sentiment all together.

Quick and Simple Tips http://www.handstampedstyle.com

3. Now you can place the sentiment to your images where ever you want!

I hope you found these quick tips helpful, I forget to share the things that I have been doing for some time which would make your creative time even better, faster, and less stressful- but I will be sharing WAY more with you from now on.  I am making notes of things that I don’t even think about to share with you just in case, and in the spirit of sharing be sure to leave a comment for helpful tips or things you need help with. I would be happy to create simple tutorials or even videos to help you out!

If you are looking for even more helpful, inspirational, and creative tips then check out my PINTEREST BOARDS, you may want to grab your favorite beverage before you click over :-)  There are SO many things to see and learn over on my Pinterest Boards… you can even get a glimpse of what I have coming up for my CATALOG KICK-OFF LUAU PARTY!!!


  1. Nancy Farrell says:

    Great Tips, Erin! So true when you do something for so long, you forget how or where you even learned it. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished card tomorrow, as well as future tips! I loved your cruise photos too. It was fun seeing everyone having such a good time. :)

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