Poo-Poo Platter? No, Not THAT Sampler!

I am ALREADY working on my APRIL class samples and I can’t wait to share them with you… but I still have a few things to complete for those so NO sneak peeks today.  PLUS we should probably get a few more days into March, right?  Can we say IMPATIENT???
Let me take a moment to remind you of the
chalkboard technique
 If you haven’t already REGISTERED to attend, you still have time- get ALL the details HERE. You have 2 dates to choose from:
Not only will you be making a little of everything… hence the POO-POO PLATER… but without the POO… LOL!! I am on a roll, hahahahaha!  Seriously though, I will also be teaching you how to accomplish the CHALKBOARD TECHNIQUE that is so trendy right now.
If you are dying to see just a few sneak peeks of some April Sampler Stamp Class samples then head over to my FACEBOOK PAGE, LIKE ME and take a peek see at what’s to come next month!!

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